I'm having an old step through done up for my partner and she has requested sparkly paint to replace the old paint work.

I've done some research on the net and just been to Bunnings, but couldn't find anywhere to source what I'm looking for.

So my question is, does anyone know where it can be found? Or is that not something you can just buy off the shelf?

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How sparkly ? If you mean the large flake paint like you see on ski boats etc , its a custom paint.

As I understand the sparkles (metallic) paint are an additive that is added to the paint.

this is not posibal for "home" painters.

Most auto paint suppliers can offer metallic colours in pressure pack containers. Even places like Autobarn and Supercheap have automaotive touch up cans. You need the correct base coat colour and clear coat though. Not as durable as a good two pack job either.

You can buy can's of spray paint from spotlight not sure it will do the job though ;-)

If you're trying to do it yourself bunnings has silver and gold metalics. I then used silver, then a red "candy" from supercheap and a few coats of clear. It's a bit stormy. Inside or overcast it's cloudy red and in the sunshine it's bling!

I have a can of Red Holographic Flake the paint shop said was too big to get in a spray can if you're game to brush it on.

If you want some serious bike bling & rich, deep colours, look up "House of Kolor" paints from Body Shop Paint Supplies on Port Road. You can get effects like pearl finish, glitter effects, candy apple and chameleon effect (colour shift).  This is the paint of choice for show cars. For a bicycle, you won't need more than a sample pot or 2.  If you have some basic painting skills & lots of patience, it's possible to do a good home job even with an Ebay airbrush kit.  Pearl effect is easier to spray than glitter effect IMO. 

I believe the recipe for the high quality sparkly custom paint jobs you see on some cars is patented and was owned by a former Adelaide underbelly character with links to the motorised two wheeled underworld. He came to an untimely end a few years ago. I wonder if it's worth playing with a test piece of tube, spray with an aerosol, sprinkle with handicraft glitter and spray with a clear coat.


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