Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists (SSRC) - Update 31/01/2016

Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists (SSRC) – Update 31/01/2016

Blink and we’ve finished January! What a month it has been. Lots of riding has been done, with both old friends and new faces.

We were in the happy situation of celebrating Australia Day on the same day as we normally have the stragglers ride. An earlier comment from Colin Chapman planted the seed for a longer Australia Day Super Stragglers ride and, with about 72 hours before the event, The Super Stragglers ride was created. The brief was to have a longer ride, beyond the normal boundary of Brookmans Road. So the route went from Port Noarlunga, through the Blewitt Springs area, up Peters Creek Road and on to Meadows.  Those less able to do the distance were provided with a shorter alternative, using much of the same route, by Carl Salt, with another alternative with the turn-around point at the top of Peters Creek Road being supplied by John Thorp. Thanks Colin for taking out a disparate group of riders out to Meadows. All seemed to have enjoy the ride in great weather.

The short ride group.

The Saturday rides were reasonably well attended, with the Green Ps being split (split peas?) into Saturday ‘at home’  and Sunday ‘away’ rides, to accommodate the desire to show Paul Campbell’s friend Chris, a pro-rider from the US that rode with us on Australia Day, some larger hill climbs that Adelaide has to offer. Between all four rides there was over 30 participants, so it’s great to see the consistency of the number of riders turning out each week.

The L Ride welcomed two new riders to their number this week, with Cindy joining us for her first group ride and Mal joining us on a normally scheduled ride after joining us for the first time on the 4th birthday special. Mal is recuperating from a collision with a motor vehicle a number of weeks ago and is due some good luck. Unfortunately this was not Mal’s week either, with his computer falling off his bike and being squashed by traffic! Mal, luck has gotta go your way soon!

The P Ride looped around the back of Blewitt Springs again, with Chaffeys Road being the main hill to climb (up to Chapel Hill winery). Reece showed of his new road bike and coped well with the increase in elevation and pace. The whole group was blown home along the esplanade, bringing some extra speed to everyone’s average for the day.

The Green P’s Saturday ride was initially attended by 6, then 5 and then finally 4 riders who made their way out to Silver Sands and back via Willunga. Thanks Dan for leading the group around and making sure everyone got around ok.

I leave Paul to provide an update of today’s (Sunday’s) ride, which involved a lot of ‘up’!

This week’s rides:

Tuesday Night Stragglers are back. Organised by Carl, this may be the last one depending on Carl’s availability. Happily Carl has been successful in gaining employment so things may change for him. I’ll leave this for Carl to confirm. Details of the ride can be found on the following link:

We have something special for next Saturday. After a few discussions with Greg McConnell, an avid rider of the roads less travelled, the concept of a ride with a mix of sealed and unsealed roads in the local area. Greg is leading this ride, named ’The Dusty’, and will show off some of the undiscovered gems around the Willunga Hill area. If this is becomes a popular ride there may be scope for doing it again some time down the track. Details of this exciting ride can be found on this link:

We will also be running our normal rides for those looking for the fully sealed experience!

The L Ride returns to the sea with a lesser used route to get out to Silver Sands. This is almost an ‘out-and-back’ route, and is the flattest ride we do. That said, the ride isn’t absolutely flat! Details:

The P Ride has a lengthy 63km route going up Peters Creek and down Old Willunga Hill with a section of Brookman Road ridden near Kuitpo and up to Pottery Road. Details on the link following:

The Green Ps ride has been put up. Cut Hill is where you are heading!! We need a ride leader for this ride. Let me know if you want to take it out. There is plenty of climbing in this 68km ride. Details here:

A few things to finish this update with. Firstly I’d like to send out a ‘get well soon’ to Barry Sumner who has had to miss the last couple of rides due to illness. We hope to see you back out on the road soon Barry. Secondly, I am expecting a new order window to be opened to purchase SSRC kit very soon (sometime this week). The window will close at the end of February with kit due to be delivered sometime in mid-April. We are currently trying to finalise a design for fleece lined long sleeved jerseys before this order window opens. I'll let you now final details when I find them out.

The weather is looking like it will warm up again through the following week. As much as we have needed the rain, it ain’t much fun to ride in!

Cheers, Wattsy.

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Just an update on the L Ride on Saturday. We were also joined by Hannah's friend Mike, Mike has just purchased his first bike and has just started riding. Welcome Mike to the group.

Oops! Sorry Mike!

Thanks Wattsy Hope to be back on the road in 3 weeks time

No worries Barry. Feel free to join us at the bakery if you have recovered sufficiently.


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