Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists (SSRC) – Update 28/02/2016

Hi folks. First update for a couple of weeks so a bit to catch-up on.

Firstly, congrats to those SSRC riders who completed either the 40kmor 80km versions of Grand Slam 1 last Sunday. On the way around loop 2 even one of the marshals stated that she couldn’t figure out why the organisers had made the first ride of the series with so many vertical metres (over 1000vm)?! Anyways, all achieved their initially stated goal distance. Special congratulations to Cindy who, after only a short amount of time doing L Rides, completed the 80km. She turned up with the intention of doing the 40km!

Secondly, the Tuesday night Stragglers ride has evolved a little with a slower group departing Woodcroft at 5.30pm and a faster group departing at 6pm. Carl/Dan, if you have an update to add regarding any missed details of the Tuesday night rides, please do so.

Thirdly, there is a new window to order SSRC kit. Ordering can be done via Star Cycles Online shop. The link to the SSRC store is

Fourthly, and finally, as many of you would already know, I also organise The Pie Ride in Support of MIFSA. This is a community based charity ride between the Home Grain Bakeries at Aldinga and McLaren Flat. It’s only a 36km ride, but includes a sweet treat at halfway and a pie at the end of the ride. It’s $25 a head for adults and children 12 and over, free for children under 12. For details and the purchase of tickets for this ride and the shorter family ride (7km) please click the following link.

FYI: I do work for MIFSA and have developed this event over the past 3 years in order to spread awareness of MIFSA's work to assist people with mental health issues recover, as well as their carers and friends.

This Week’s Rides:

Tuesday Night Stragglers (5.30pm start):

Saturday Rides, from McLaren Vale (Cottage Bakery)

The L Ride: Thanks Peter Keane for taking this week’s ride in Carl’s absence. Back to the coast again.

The P Ride: A shorter, flatter ride this week.

The Green Ps. Need a ride leader, especially for this week. Their longest ride to date (can be altered to whatever the ride leader chooses to do).

Cheers, Wattsy.

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In addition, if you want to pass on any messages of congratulation or 'get well soon' to anyone, please feel free to add this in a reply to this discussion post. 


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