Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists (SSRC) - Update 25/01/2016 - A day late!

Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists (SSRC) Update: 24/01/2016

That was a heck of a week of cycling in and around Adelaide! The TDU brings in so many folks to the roads we call home. On Saturday, it seemed that all of them were making a bee-line for Old Willunga Hill and all roads that led to it. It was fantastic to see so many regular SSRC riders out as well as a few faces we don’t see so often.

I should make mention of the folks at The Cottage Bakery who really looked after us post ride and who, thanks to Steve Ellison, made sure we had a bit of space to chill-out after the ride and watch the race go past a few times. The presence of a decent sized TV outside helped us catch-up with the goings-on of the ride in between race passes. The big water container placed outside was also a nice touch.

As for last week’s rides, Tuesday was cancelled due to the extreme heat and wind. Apparently a few folks did the ride anyway. I hope it went off without incident.

Saturday’s rides were… well… you can tell your own stories in the comments below if you want. I’m sure that there are a ton of selfies with pro-cyclists (or former pro-cyclists, Lynn!!) and brushes with various team DS and team owners! Didn’t see Oleg around though!

Some pics of the amazing day below.

The P's and Green P's meet up at Pt Willunga

Post ride with a few folks not from around here (but very welcome)!

Thanks Piotr for the pics!

This wasn't on the day of the race, but it did make the 'Tiser and is just the best pic of three fun folks :-)

This week’s rides:

SSRC Tuesday Super Stragglers – Probably finished by the time you read this, but a cruise from Pt Noarlunga to Meadows on the morning of Australia Day is the plan. Details:

There is no organised Tuesday night ride.

Saturday’s Rides (30/01/2016): From Port Noarlunga this week.

The L Ride:

The P Ride:

The Green Peas! : TBA

Cheers, Wattsy

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Thanks for allowing Wendy and  I  to briefly hi-jack your 'P'Ride,  Andrew - we really enjoyed ourselves.  Nice to meet new faces - thanks for putting up with us.  Hope to make it down south a few more times this year.....

Always welcome Carl. It'll be great to see you and Wendy down our way again.


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