Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists (SSRC) - Update 07/02/2016

Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists (SSRC) – Update 07/02/2016

If anyone has an update for the Stragglers Ride on Tuesday, feel free to add your thoughts somewhere below.

The combination of perfect weather, Cut Hill and The Dusty brought out 55 riders to the start of the latest SSRC rides. With the addition of a few on the road, the number was around 60, by far our biggest turnout ever.

Thanks to Greg, Nick, and Carl for taking the rides out and getting everyone home. Greg’s ‘The Dusty’ ride was the star of the day and drew folks from far afield. Thanks Greg for the inspiration for the ride and the commitment to see it completed safely.

A close second in the ‘star’ stakes was the Green Peas ride to ‘Cut Hill’ which was a bit of a climb-fest for our faster group. It seems yours truly may have point the route in the wrong direction at some point. My apologies for that, but thanks Nick and company for putting the ride back on track and, from what I witnessed back at the bakery, riders seemed to enjoy the challenge. It even gave Nick an excuse for a medicinal parmigiana, as part of his recovery, later that day! These guys were to busy riding to take photos, but I caught them back at the bakery, spinning more than just their legs!

The L Ride returned to one of its least used routes by heading out along the entirety of the Aldinga Bay Esplanade, before turning around at Silver Sands and heading back. By all accounts people were wondering why this hadn’t been done before now? I guess when you get an almost windless day with horses on the beach and dolphins in the sea you can believe that life is just about perfect. We’ll try it again in the depths of winter!!

The P ride had a longer ride than usual, 65km, and had the ‘easy’ way up to the Range. Blewitt Springs Road, Peters Creek Road and Pottery Road got the riders most of the way up to the top of Old Willunga Hill, before a swift downhill trip down to the pinches at California Road. The group was a disparate one with some riders coming back from illness and injury and some experiencing their first longer and hillier group ride. A couple of escape routes were used, but everyone got back to the bakery ok.

Thanks to all who attended in what was a record breaking day.

This week’s rides:

Tuesday Night Stragglers: Short route including the veloway hill,


Saturday’s Rides:

The  L Ride goes to McLaren Flat from Pt. Noarlunga for the first time:

The P Ride heads to St. Johns Terrace via O’Sulivans Beach:

The Green Peas. Pt. Willunga, Old Willunga and Pottery Road.

We welcome back from illness and thank Colin for volunteering to lead this ride.

Planning Ahead:

At this stage the P Ride will be without a ride leader on the 20th of February and The L Ride will be without a ride leader on the 5th of March. If you would like to lead out either of these rides can you let me know?

Also, Bicycle SA’s Grand Slam starts from Woodside on Sunday the 21st of February. Details:

I’m planning on doing all of these for the first time and I know that a few others are looking to ramp up their fitness over winter. Don’t be shy, make it known if you are going to any or all of these well supported events.

Ride safe.

Cheers, Wattsy.

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Huge turn out this week with a good variety of route options.

It's always good to see someone bringing forward their passion, in this case Greg's desire to ride the roads a little less travelled more graveled.

And what a great ride it was too! Really nice to see a whole bunch riding along with smiles on their faces, enjoying the quieter back roads and a variety of road surfaces around our magnificent area.

I highly recommend this ride for anyone looking a for a ride that is a little different form the norm, although I do advise riders to invest in a cheap set of touring tyres or the like for the gravel roads, as my road tyres did get chopped up a little.

I do hope that young Mr McConnell repeats the dose sometime soon.:-D

It's looking like very similar weather to last week for tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you all at Port Noarlunga for the start.


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