I was down Noarlunga way on Tuesday and the expressway was in real state. Closed, dug up, dust everywhere.
What's it going to be like for Amy's ride?

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On 25-Oct-2012 I received a reply after I reported to DPTI. See below.
If / when you see probs, please photograph and record, before posting on AC and complaining to DPTI and other authorities.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Southern Expressway Duplication and detours along the veloway and Coast to Vines Rail Trail during construction.
I passed on your request to the project’s contractor, the Baulderstone Abigroup Joint Venture, who has advised that an audit of signage has commenced on the veloway and Coast to Vines trail to check and correct/replace, as required, any construction-related signage.
The contractor will also inspect and ensure that all plant crossing points on the Coast to Vines trail are left swept and in good order for Amy’s Ride on 4 November 2012.
If you have any enquiries regarding the Veloway or Coast to Vines shared user path condition and/or detour signage as a result of the Southern Expressway duplication works, please call the project team on 1300 626 097, or email them at SEDenquiries@bajvsed.com.au.
Thank you for your email.
Kind regards,
The Southern Expressway Duplication project team

As Pat says there are those that will go fast no matter what.. 

The rest will keep in the spirit of what it is!

I am surprised that the Amy Gillett foundation that sponsors safe riding is timing riders on the southern expressway. Talk about asking for trouble. This will just encourage fast and unsafe riding practices.

Also just picked up rider pack. Can't believe they want me to put the rider number hanging from the front of my handlebars (See photo) not only will it get in the way of my hands but the flapping around will drive me nuts!. I intend just holding it up as i go through the start gate and will then put it in my pocket!

serious? What happened to just wearing the number on your back like last year?

Still says this on the Bike SA website.

All riders will be issued with a Ride Number/Bib that contains a timing device. This MUST be attached to the BACK of your ride jersey/shirt. It may not function correctly if it is attached to the front of your shirt or on any part your bike. Please bear this in mind if you want your time to be recorded.

I know! I actually asked if they were kidding.
There is some type of silver transponder stuck to it. I wonder if we can peel it off and just stick it on the front.

So did I! For the Gran Fondo we wore a transponder sticker attached to our seat posts instead

I am thinking the best option is to park at McLaren Vale in the morning & ride to the start when the traffic is still light. Will probably take South Rd if anyone is keen to join me for safety in numbers reply here.

Hi everyone,

Whilst there is a lot of construction activity happening along the Southern Expressway corridor the actual Expressway itself is open and sealed for the entire length. There are some short sections where the shoulders have been closed and lanes have been moved across to accommodate bridgeworks.

The Dept Transport - DPTI and the Duplication Project contractors have been briefed to ensure that the road surface and shoulders are clean and swept for Amy’s Ride.

Riders should remain in the left lane as much as possible to allow faster riders and event support / emergency vehicles to overtake. Faster riders should take care and give consideration & polite warning when overtaking slower riders.

For those cycling back to Adelaide via the Veloway, we have been advised that there are still several short detours  in place along the length of the Expressway but everything still links up to get you back home. For more information visit the following link:


In addition if you are riding back from McLaren Vale along the Coast to Vines path there is a detour following the road from Griffiths Drive to Seaford Rd via Grand Boulevard. Click here for details.

Hope that answers some of your questions. All registered riders should be receiving this update in a rider's information email today as well.

We look forward to welcoming you at the start!

Safe riding, enjoy!

Bicycle SA

That's great to hear. Looking forward to a great ride.


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