There at sunrise, waiting for the gates to open!

Finally, after a number of false starts the Outer Harbor Greenway's Bicycle & Pedestrian Overpass at South Road is now open for business. Wendy and her T2T colleagues were on hand for this morning's low-key 'ribbon-cutting'. Actually it was just a snipping of the zip-ties holding the gate closed - there will be a more formal opening with the Transport Minister at a later date!

Wendy (L) and the T2T crew. Yep - it's a 'go slow' detour, in place while folk are still working on the railing, lights etc... There may be a few instances when bike riders are asked to briefly dismount and walk over coming weeks as the railings are installed but essentially it's now fully accessible between the western entrance kerb ramp at Day Trc (just off Queen St) and the long eastern ramp down to Coglin St!

Here are a few pics from the day:

Unfortunately the commemorative budget did not extend to champagne, but despite the early hour Giulio from WestsideBUG brought along some tasty nibbles!

Getting out of bed early conferred 'first over' honours!

#1 - looking pleased with myself! (photo by T2T).

Cyclist #2 looked pleased with himself too!

Bicyclista #3 looked ever-so-slightly bleary-eyed - but even happier!

Rider #4 gets the over-the-top 'eager-cheeriest' prize!

Giulio gives the bridge a go - the Engineer's critical gaze!

The first pedestrian to use the new bridge - 'Congratulations Sir!'
Bicyclista #6. As Rob says at the WestsideBUG f/b Group - 'It's a game-changer!')

Mark was #7 and first to arrive from the East (city-side). Top of the Bridge appears well-lit if slightly 'prison yard-like' (times we live in it seems...)

Yes - the fences are tall - but it feels OK. Good lighting it seems!

Better up here than down there though!

Centre are the 6-lane 'lowered roadways' (not yet open). Bridge deck appears to be checker-plate steel and non-slip.

The long ramp descends to the east, all the way to Coglin and then West Street.

Eastern ramp with the West Street pedestrian crossing in the distance.

There's also a nice 'dog-leg' ramp on the eastern side down to McInnes Street (this pic taken before today's opening - the kerb ramp is now installed and complete).

McInnes Street access ramp.

Nice access-ramp at West Street. The West Street railway crossing is behind me.

Access ramp at the West Street rail crossing.

West Street railway crossing.

The path from the West Street access ramp and rail crossing up to the Chief Street Bridge is still closed because the pathway beyond(through to East Street) is yet to be built!

Pathway West to Chief Street Bridge (and East Street)

Thirteen years of waiting - yep, we're happy!

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T2T news update including a picture of the first cyclist (you) to cross the overpass!

T2T invite to ride or walk the lowered roadway, Sunday 23rd September between 9am and 10:30am.

The invite comes with the following proviso: "Unfortunately animals are not able to attend this event." so be on your best behaviour!


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