Question for BISA, or any DPTI contacts...

I can imagine Transport and the engineers who built the bridge are locked in a long running liability dispute to work out who pays for the repairs, but meanwhile the bridge sits there untouched.

If it was infrastructure for cars I'm sure the work would have been done immediately and the court case would follow later..

Can anyone here contribute some news or a date for re-opening?

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Don't have any news but the engineering report is available from this page.

Thanks, I guess.

That's predictable enough: "Here's where it broke.., the design was bad, it needs to be fixed".


My guess is that lawyers will take 12 to 18 months to work out who's paying for the repairs, so expect nothing to happen before 2 years are up. Looking at the tacked on nature of the cycle bridge support beams I expect the design of the repair/upgrade to be quite protracted, perhaps even requiring new support columns because of the cracking. Cyclists aren't important enough to fast track this process.

Look on the bright side. The Goodwood Train Station Bike overpass is set for completion before the end of 2017. :p


Is this State THAT poor that it can't just fix the problem ? yet lately it can suddenly find millions of $ $ $ for other things.

Has anybody had any experience with the detour that DPTI have in place?

I was sent an email that Jack Clarke sent to DPTI, in which he claims that he witnessed 4 minor crashes in 3 days. "These incidents are in addition to the many near misses, abuse from motorists and general confusion and fear I have experienced since the bridge was bypassed for repair."  He also says that the wait time at the pedestrian lights outside the Black Forest Primary School is so long that cyclists cross South Road randomly.

You can read Jack's letter here. It also gives his explanation of the problem and what should be done about it (including stopping motorists turning onto South Road at Forest Avenue and reducing the wait time at the pedestrian lights)

He got a response from DPTI's "Community Relations".  (One of the sad features of governmental customer service is that you never know who the bureaucrat is that you are dealing with.)  This was essentially put up some signs, nothing else.

This response - and Jack's to it - are included in the link above.

I'd be interested to here of any other experiences by those who use the detour.  

We tried another route a couple of weeks ago, via a reserve at the back of Black Forest Primary school and the edge of the school itself.  It was pleasant and interesting, but I wouldn't recommend it during school hours and you have to ride across grass.  And you still have to wait at the pedestrian crossing.

I've used it a couple of times on a Sunday, it's all a bit dodgy on the footpath and at the school crossing. Personally I avoid that area now and head for the Emerson Crossing instead and follow the railway line up to the city. Winifred Ave, Naldera St and Margaret St will get you to the pedestrian underpass just north of the Emerson Crossing. Ground level traffic is regulated by adjacent lights so easier to manage by bike.

Oh and the google drive link needs a login.

Even after logging in to Google drive, I didn't have permission to read it.

Crossing is pretty quick at the Emerson overpass, though I realise it's a bit of detour for some people.

"Oh and the google drive link needs a login."

Sorry about that.  Hopefully the link I've provided now works. 

Thats the route I am following - almost zero wait time to cross South Rd and the only additional hold up is crossing East Avenue. It adds 1-2 minutes to my journey which is insignificant in the greater scheme of things. Much nicer than crossing at the BFPS lights.

Having said this I can't wait for the overpass to get fixed....

The detour is rubbish. I either avoid the MTB or "cross randomly", I don't cross at the pedestiran crossing as I don't fancy getting off my bike (until law changes on 16th April), waiting 2 minutes to cross, then riding slowly on the footpath...

The inconvenient detour has additional economic and health costs, regardless of whether the DPTI wants to admit it or not.


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