The new (below-ground) section of South Rd from Torrens Rd to River Torrens ('T2T') is holding a public open day from 11am tomorrow (Sund 23 Sept).  Before this, the new section of lowered Main South Rd will be open to cyclists from 9-10:30am (meet at Susan St Hindmarsh).  This will probably be the only chance u will ever get to cycle thru the new lowered Main South Road! 


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P.S.  There is also a cycle path on the new rail bridge over Main South Rd at Croydon/ Hindmarsh.  It had a 'cyclists dismount' sign on it last time I was there tho..

Peter - some more info here. Sam.

See also the "Replicating the famous Munster Town Hall Bicycle Photograph" thread below.

A good gathering of cyclists on Sunday - organised by BISA.  I have several pics (& so do they).

Here's one -

& another -


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