Sadly not being seen by other road users seems to be part of cycling


So how about a few clever/creative replies to this line?


For instance.


Sorry I didn’t see you ……


Well the invisible man is my uncle.


Yes I have lost a lot of weight lately.


If I wore a low cut dress would it help you see me?

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HAHAHA, I told a guy on Greenhill rd when he replied to my gesture in which i waved my arms up in the air letting him know that he nearly cut me off, That "The closest OPSM is directly in the city...cant miss it, oh sorry probably in your case you could."

How about something like... "No shit, but I never expected you to.." If you're still rubber side down when someone says they didn't see you, you've had a win!

My favourite happened a few years ago near Vic Square – a police officer happened to be standing at the lights waiting to cross when a woman in a car cut across the cycle lane turning left. I shouted “Oooiii” loudly.  She stopped, wound down her window :


Her: “Sorry – I didn’t see you”

Me: “I’m not surprised – you seemed more interested in your mobile phone”

Her: “What ?”

Cop: “Excuse me madam – would you mind pulling your vehicle over to the side of the road”


She wasn’t on her mobile phone >:)

That's evil but gold!

I've always thought I'd like to have a funny response but can never think of one at the time!

you always come up with a funny one hours later!!!!

Had a cop blocking the whole bike lane down grand junction rd coming over the bridge out of port adelaide heading to mansfield park..and as you come down he bridge you begin to descend pretty fast. An undercover(unmarked)police car was blocking the lane and booking someone in a white sedan when i had to swerve out into traffic and evade this servant of the public, I shook my head and yelled.."oiii, this is a bike lane..not a revenue raising lane!!" I thought they;d finish up with the lady they were booking and chase me for they usually do like to be the last to say something, but I didnt see them again. If i coulda slowed, stopped I wouldve but im travelling downhill on a racer and well, i only just saw it in time to swerve. Ok, Im sure the cop said something like "i didny see you..or more like f@#k off!!"

Would it make any differance to you if he was knicking her for parking in a bike lane.

You could probably say that and there would be a good chance you would be right even if you did not see a phone

"If you'd rather see a courtroom, carry on."

For when driver and cyclist are male and female


Did you mistake me for your ex husband/wife?

That's OK, my hidden cycle cam will prove I was really there when I show the footage to the police

One morning, nearly 40 years ago, I was on my way to work (7:30AM start) in the PMG telephone exchange building (now demolished) in Franklin St.  As I turned right out of Bowen St (bus depot), a police car on my left failed to give way.  (This was before the introduction of the T-junction rule.) 

In my normal, cheery, loud, cyclist voice, I questioned the driver as to whether he knew how to give way.  (No rude words used!)

The car pulled over a little further on, and I passed it, rode into the driveway of the building, hung up my bike, entered the side door and went to clock on.  When I turned around, there were the two coppers in front of me, demanding to know why I had yelled at them, and threatening all sorts of retribution.

Just then, my foreman came in, and said to the coppers, "I think you owe this young man an apology.  I saw what happened along there, and if you don't apologise, you are going to have some tough explaining why you are unlawfully on Commonwealth property, and how your car has come to be locked inside Commonwealth property."  He had watched the unfolding drama from the front door, and when the coppers had driven into the driveway, followed them in and locked the normally-open gate behind them.

The apology was forthcoming


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