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Well, after watching a few of these clips, and reminiscing on a few experiences of my own, I'm actually looking very forward to my birthday present to myself of a VholdR ContourHD 1080p helmet mounted camera. At first I was only gonna use it to film sweet single track, a bit of racing and maybe some tour riding. But now, oh boy, I think I'll leave it on my helmet permanently and send some footage to the police on a regular basis. :-P
Let me know how good the images are, and if registration numbers can be read. If a cyclist finds a good helmet-mounted camera for much less than US$1700 than some police forces use, I may purchase one.
I've uploaded a short 2 min clip from my Contour HD cam (on my videos page). The quality is downgraded to save on file size, but number plates are easily readable within about 4 meters (approx two car lengths) on full HD record mode. Haven't experimented with other quality settings yet (no need really). The bounce that I experience is due to my helmet having the cable adjustable straps, so the styrofoam part of the helmet is quite bouncy. I'm looking at getting a bar mount for it.
Looks good PT! Havnt seen dust for a while and i miss it! Big Time!!
The video quality looks excellent. Out of interest, how much did the VholdR ContourHD cost and where did you get it?
I ended up spending $750 on it. Got a 16GB card, spare battery, wall charging unit and the helmet mount. The camera on it's own is $500. Got it from - - I ordered it on Thurs and got it on the public holiday (weird) Monday.

Pretty sure you could find a 16GB card cheaper else where, but I was being lazy.
Having been hit on Pultney St a couple of weeks ago (while on the way to work and in the bike lane), I am definitely going to get one of these cams. Looking at movies on here the footage where the cam is mounted on the handlebars is good and consistent. Have people had much success with helmet-mounted cams?

I suspect these would be good for wider 'camera awareness' in seeing where the rider is looking (particularly after an incident and inevitable abuse) but that the footage may be more like a shaky handheld and less appealing aesthetically. Anyone have an opinion?

Has anyone bought one of these?

I am keen to get one but am keen to know what the actual video quality is like?


Ive got the Go-PRo and its awesome! Use it on the mtb either bike mounted or helmet mounted. Trasitions between shade and direct sun quickly and the picture quality is pretty good! Ive even strapped it onto my remote control plane and taken it surfing too! It is super tough aswell! Ive seen branches "crack" off of the housing without the picture skipping.. Very cool!


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