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Sure thing: - the 16Gb ones with the little spring clip on the back ($32.90). Toshiba 16Gb Micro SD card from MSY Computers was $59. I notice the same store has some proper helmet and handle mount cameras which might be better suited to bike recording (just need to watch out if they come with a memory card or not).

I'll have a go on the weekend at chopping a clip out (the camera just records a continuous AVI file) and posting it somewhere (YouTube?). Things I've never done before but I'll work it out.
OK got around to chopping out some vids after working out how to jam the camera into my helmet. You can view them here:

Daytime image is nice - the source video is 720 x 480 which is a good resolution. Night time wasn't so good with every light blurring everything else around it. In a practical test situation the camera barely caught the rego plate of a car that came pretty close. After seeing that footage, I decided to call out the rego no. for the inbuilt microphone.

No right or wrong in the clips I chose - just some potentials that could have resulted in needing to record details. All up I'm satisfied with the daytime footage (and the mic is brilliant!).
These days there are concerns about privacy. One would not film children in a school playground. However, I question if the officer was inaccurate or deliberately misleading. Otherwise, it would be illegal to take 'happy snaps' of one's interstate visitors posing next to the Rundle Mall 'balls', with strangers in the background. Or set up and use security cameras to film prowlers on your property.

Police have at times declined to take my verbal traffic reports. Parking in bicycle lanes was met with "you have to catch them doing something wrong". Obstructing bicycle passageways was met with incorrect "the vehicle must be parked". Today an officer told me that I must be careful not to report too many offences or I would be considered a vigilante. The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines vigilance as "alertness or closeness of observation". What is the purpose of SAPOL's Traffic Watch?
HI all,

The privacy issue is a valid concern. Given I'm not reporting these incidents (nor inciting vigilante action against these drivers) it is unfair to post their rego plates online. I have removed the stills and the video showing a clear rego plate (SoundTest1). For now I'll leave NoBikeLane up as a demo of a bike lane that becomes a left hand turning lane and change the description appropriately.

The original point I'll get back to is this: I'm satisfied that if I'm involved in an incident, the camera has a good chance of providing evidence to assist with rego plates able to be captured from 1 or more still frames. I think the same version of that camera designed to be strapped to the helmet (bullet style) would be a bit more practical though.
I bought one of these also and now record all my rides (after getting knocked of some weeks back) (bought at ). Cost $20 and they put 2 in the box. Great value for money and with a time stamp to boot. On the down side: I struggled getting a good mounting position and quite often the camera would cut off after only 20 or so minutes recording. I also didn't like my chances of it going through a downpoor. Have now given it away and use a gopro wide ($130).
Hi Johnathon - how is the gopro? do you order them from their website or are they available locally? their US website says they are currently out of stock...
have you got any videos for public viewing?
I got mine second hand on ebay - $130 inc delivery. Had to buy a mount for the handle bars also.
- really wide angle (gets both hands in frame)
- smooth video (best I have seen, even in low light)
- bomb proof
- water proof (to 60m)
- get 1.5 hours of video (on nimh batteries)
- alternatively can take 5mp photo every 2 seconds
- very small and light
- low resolution video (512x384)
- poor sound (trade off with having waterproof case)
- not discrete (hard to hide, looks like a camera)
- batteries only last 1.5hrs
for example footage, I've uploaded a video of coming down Greenhill road - a bit long, but I love the ride. (you don't have to sit through the whole thing to get a feel of the camera)
SAPOL now have Traffic Watch for reporting errant drivers. But I have difficulties in trying to get them to take reports when a driver created a cycling hazard. That is why I wanted a camera but thought the best cameras were outside my budget. Sounds like police are disinterested even when you have footage. Keep in touch cos sooner or later I will make a fuss.
I could add that last night (Thursday 15 April) I came across a taxi driver driving the wrong way and west on a one-way street alongside of and north of the Bakewell Bridge. I have such difficulty in getting SAPOL to take an interest in illegal driving behaviour that endangers cyclists that I did not even bother to take the registration number. When I reached James Congdon Drive, there was no median break. Did he drive the wrong way on the west of James Congdon Drive to reach the one-way street?
Sounds as though the police response would be just as interesting to the media than the incidents themselves, if you could record that as well.
This company in the UK sells 'bullet' cameras, digital video recorders, microphones etc, including bundled packages. See
Here's a range of helmet cams from China: They also sell a range of portable digital video recorders (DVRs):


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