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Forwarded this to Adelaide Metro have we? I am just in the process of thinking about how I could rig up my small video camera for use on the bike... stay tuned.
A guy on Earth Ride used cable ties on a camera mount pole, then he could raise the camera up above the heads of cyclists. Would not really recommend for high speed, but worked for a cruisy ride!
I was thinking of either mounting it under my head stem or on the strap of my backpack at shoulder level... cable ties seems the most likely candidate.
If you go to the videos menu you can add videos from YouTube by pasting in the code from the YouTube page found under the video on the right hand side.
This way everyone can see this on this site.

Bike Cam footage is a important document that everyone should see.
David is a member of this site and started the 'Blackspot Eradication' group as an extension of his own website. That footage was first posted on Adelaide Cyclists.

You might have see the 60 Minutes story a few weeks ago on cycling and road use. A couple of guys in Sydney have been doing a lot of head cam work.
A cyclist from Critical Mass has a small camera attached to his helmet. I do not know the quality. One could go on a Critical Mass ride in the hope of meeting him.
SAPOL has been trialling small cameras that attach to the head (above the ear?). Do not know how the trial is going or the camera details.
Saw on US television that police in an area have trialled cameras with audio. The small camera is mounted above an ear. Trial so successful that the precinct will equip all officers. From what I could see on TV, vision is very good. Cost is US$1,700 so too pricey for me.
If anyone finds an affordable small camera with audio and can show registration numbers, please let me know.
It is about time that a bit of education and understanding (this goes both ways) starts to happen. Some bus drivers are really good, others seem to not even be aware that you exist. I found this link to an initiative in Portland. Worth noting that Fred Hansen is our current Thinker in Residence, so it would be worthwhile contacting him to follow up on the successes of this initiative. I seem to recall seeing a story about cameras in buses filming driver interaction and focusing on the experiential difference in this interaction (often the bus driver does not realise that they have not given the cyclist enough room, or realise how fast the cyclist was traveling before they cut them off). In all incidences you should record the bus number, time and route and report it.
Unfortunately a bit outside the budget at the moment, but the GoPro HD video looks like the ultimate small video for bikes.
Check out their website
The bike shop in Halifax Street stocks them (about $500)
I prefer those used by US police (but not the price) because they are 'bullet cameras' and more discrete when filming errant drivers. An angry driver may not notice the smaller camera and let you capture his/her words. If an errant driver noticed the larger camera, he may assault in an effort to take the camera and its incriminating evidence. The Critical Mass cyclist has a bullet camera but do not know if it can record readable registration numbers.
I have a mini DV camera on its way from Hong Kong - about $40 from eBay and will be about another $40-$50 to put a micro SD card in it. These things are about the same size as a bike light and simply take a 2MP image, 30 every second and export to AVI.

I have the intention of strapping it to the frame somewhere where it can record stupid behaviour around me and, in the unfortunate event of an accident, maybe provide some context/evidence. If you can read a license plate from a 2MP photo at 20-30km/hr speed difference then it should work well.
First try of the bikecam this morning with reasonable results. The picture is really good - number plates are visible and lighting doesn't seem to affect it too much. The next issue will be where to mount it - I did a burst with it on various points on the handle bars and a burst with it clipped to my backpack strap. On the frame/handlebars its really shaky, clipped to the brake line housing was a bit better and probably the best footage of this mornings run. Backpack is out - it swings back and forth when I pedal but being on my body doesn't suffer from all the minor shakes of ADL roads.

Next test will be to attach it to my helmet or closer to the centre line of my body. Beyond that some kind of vibration dampener for the handlebars may be in order. All up though, for <$100 I'm pretty impressed!
Angus, do you have a link to the camera you're using? Sounds promising. Can you possibly upload one of your videos, too?


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