I regularly ride along Military Road which means that I have to tackle quite a few single lane roundabouts.

What is the deal with drivers trying to enter the roundabout with you!

Is it just a case of pulling into the middle of the road before you enter?

To me this seems to be more dangerous because you are actually pulling into the path of an oncoming car,  all you need is a driver shooting off a text message and bang,  

they have themselves a hood ornament.

I politely asked one of these drivers if they would enter a roundabout with a motorbike,  of course the answer was ”no”.  “So why would you enter with a bicycle?” I replied.

It seems that a lack of education is the real culprit here.  The drivers simply don’t know what to do.

If we had a sign before these roundabouts would it actually change driver behaviour or would it just add to the sign congestion that we see dominating the roadside?


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I now use a mirror attached to my glasses to see traffic behind me which I bought a Star Cycles.

Thanks for that bikewise link. I've mostly been following the line they recommended, but it's good to have confirmation that I'm doing it right, plus I had a good browse around the site.
I commute along William St where there are lots of single lane roundabouts. I realised after a couple of weeks of commuting that I was putting a lot of emphasis one making sure no one was entering from the right, and not enough checking that I wasn't going to get wiped out from the left.
I saw a cyclist going the wrong way on the William/Sydenham roundabout the other day.

Does anyone else have problems with 2 cars and roundabouts? I always take the lane at roundabout and never have a problem except when there's 2 cars, if you let the first car through and then take the lane the 2nd almost never gives up the position, (even had cars drive over traffic furniture rather than relent position).

I only solution ive found is, if i hear 2 cars coming i'll speed up so i can take the lane earlier and block both cars or slow down and wait till both pass.

Military Rd is my daily commute. Rule is take the lane early(ish). I signal I'm moving in, and then give them a thumbs-up as a thankyou. Then position myself so I can't be passed into the roundabout. Very rarely have any probs.

And you are right, sometimes when there are problems it's because drivers just don't know how to handle a cyclist. Especially if you are moving faster than they think a cyclist can move. They basically just misjudge your speed, or think because you are small they can come through the roundabout with you. Positioning and clear signalling are my answers to this.

Number of times I've had people race me to get to the roundabout first only to have to slow down to negotiate 1.5 tonne of metal around the circle. And then they see you right on their tail and you see their look of surprise because in their mind you should be 50m back… LOL.

People racing to get to the roundabout first - that's about the only problem someone who positions themself correctly should encounter, and it only happens rarely. It's easy to know when someone is trying to do this too - you'll notice a car half-way into the wrong side of the rode just to your right.

The only way to really deal with this is to just sigh and let them through. I don't want my tombstone to read "David had right of way".


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