Friday morning 6-1-17 7:30 heading south on the Esplanade in the Largs bay area I exchanged pleasantries with the driver of a silver car.

Basically, I went through a round about about 1.5 kms earlier and he was tootling angriliy up my bum as I went through.

I know that I was in front by about five - ten metres. Most people would accept the rules of the road and slow down.

He didnt appreciate being impeded, would down his window and let me know it. The words "effing maggots" predominated.

I suggested he learn the rule of the road and he drove off. 

50 metres down the road he'd pulled to the side and was standing in the middle of the road, I went around him.

By now another cyclist had caught up and said to me that he was really angry and I asked him to hang around.

The driver repeated the action and we went around him again.

He did the same thing again, this time the other cyclist swerved at the last minute to avoid him, we crashed (other cyclist okay). Me, not so lucky, cracked pelvis and no cycling for 6 weeks.

The driver laughed, got back in his car and drove off.

I've no details unfortunately and cant take it further.

My guess is this driver has now tasted success and he'll repeat his action of harassing cyclists and probably trying to cause a crash.

The lesson I've hopefully learnt is to keep my mouth shut when being harassed.

I'll not be riding along the coastal road through that section alone again. Just too dangerous.

Edit: Car details. Silver sedan, probably six cylinder, probably 1990's, probably Holden.

Driver. approx 30, male Caucasian. 

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Did you get the details of the cyclists and witnesses?
Please report to police so record of what cyclists endure from aggro drivers. Need report number for insurance.
A crash caused by driver / vehicle, and although you did not get the car rego, you are entitled to claim under third party insurance for your medical costs.

Unfortunately the other rider didnt have strava (no flybys) and I didnt have the presence of mind to get his details.

What I would do in a stock car accident is take a photo of the car and driver, but he was an aggressive individual and I was more concerned with survival.

I'll see if I can do an online report, not moving too well currently.

I recall a cyclist in the same stretch being harassed a year or so ago and it going to court. He had a camera. Basically nothing happened.

Normal for Iceland I guess 

Ouch. I'm really sorry you got injured like that.

What I try to do when harassed is remember the number plate. But I appreciate that it's not so easy in the heat of the moment.

Thought occurred to me about seeking the rego. Is there CCTV in the area -- DPTI, local council, residents?

I guess he forgot how much of a hurry he was in.

What a dickhead

Sorry to hear about the incident and your injury.
I know it is an automatic reaction to exclaim with fright or expletive when nearly hit by a car but yes, I try to avoid any further interaction. They're never going to say, "Sorry, I'm a terrible driver who does not know the road rules".
It does not help that low browed media promotes a war between cyclists and motorists when the reality is that many of us are both and the vast majority of road users share the space legally and respectfully.
I just let a camera record everything and then if it is really bad, report to the police. Hopefully those lunatics who just don't respect cyclists' rights will have their attitudes adjusted as word gets around about reports and fines for dangerous driving.

I had an outcome a few months back which I was happy with. Very close pass whilst approaching intersection with red light. No need to push me out at all as ute had to stop at red light anyway. After initial shock exclamation, I kept quiet, avoided any contact and just stayed behind, recording the vehicle and showing I did nothing.
Police officer got back to me and advised they had visited driver, given him formal warning, noted on his record. I was satisfied that they did this. I think there was evidence enough with the obvious road markings to just give him the fine for passing under one metre, however I imagine that video evidence supplied by one party could be questioned for veracity in court etc.
The fact is, I believe he will be more careful around cyclists in the future and this is all I want.

What amused me was that the officer advised that the driver told them he acknowledged he had made a mistake at the time and apologised to me. Total nonsense as shown on video which recorded everything continuously until he drove into the distance.

Sadly, it is very time demanding to lodge police reports and the fact is, so many things happen that you have to be very selective as you could be in the station every second day.

One last thing. Could you imagine a cyclist laughing at a person injured in a motor vehicle accident? No? Thankfully I can't either.

Hope you get better soon and back on the bike.

Yeah I was prepared to testify. No point making a complaint if you are not going to give evidence.

From memory, it took about three hours all up, with downloading the footage, burning to disk and waiting for ages in the police station as they dealt with a multitude of reports from a range of people. No point bothering if not prepared to give evidence.

Actually I can imagine a cyclist laughing at someone injured in a car. I saw an incident in December at cnr Grenfell st/Union st where a car turning left into Union st was held up due to some congestion in Union st and stuck out into Grenfell st a bit. A cyclist approached from behind and hurled a stream of abuse at the poor driver who was acting responsibly.
Its been bugging me since I saw it.
It doesn't matter the mode of transportation, some people are just jerks.

Is there somewhere cyclists can log driver behaviour that causes concern?

I know several councils have run maps where people log maintenance issues etc.

I know the magpie map logs magpies in season.

My request isn't borne so much out of this incident specifically, more a way of logging when and where incidents occur that have the potential to cause injury to cyclists, or where someone is injured for whatever reason.

I feel that unless a cyclist is seriously injured no-one actually knows about incidents.

How can things be addressed if the only stats that are kept are the serious injuries, when its the near misses that actually provide the information that point to deficiencies in cyclist safety.In OHS world it would be called Bird's triangle.

A way of logging could also provide information to identify motorists who engage in risky behaviour. And cyclists as well. Red light runners maybe.

I have added brief data to AC group Look For Cyclists under discussion Collisions and report number 178.

Need to get message to authorities:
-- Report to police, with expectation of appearing in SA traffic statistics of crashes provided by Govt of SA and SAPOL. Stress that there was a motorised vehicle involved.
-- The Bike Blackspot Campaign utilises free smartphone app to report cycling hazards Australia wide. The political party The Greens sends your feedback to the federal transport minister, your state transport minister, and your Greens transport spokesperson at federal and state levels. Hazards are logged on a map to make the case for better funding. There is the alternative of emailing hazard report to

In your case, these may not be applicable:
-- Snap Send Solve is a free smartphone app to report issues to local councils Australia wide.

However, if better design of roads and roundabouts, less opportunity for aggressive drivers. Roundabouts are notoriously unsafe for cyclists, and many such reports on the web.

I like the idea of that Blackspot app, but wonder how effective it actually is? Having said that, very few reports for Adelaide. Might be time to report every door zone, every piece of "infrastructure" that is a just a painted biked symbol etc?


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