Does anyone have pictures of silly signs on or near roads.  They don't have to be cycling related.


Note: if poor or ambiguous signage presents a hazard or a potential conflict situation, please report it to the relevant authority.


Here are a couple of starters.

Bikes may not use the bikeway, and nothing may turn left.  (North East Rd, Walkerville)


30km/h is a little optimistic for a dunny lane.  (Rose Park)


Add your examples to the discussion, and let's all enjoy a laugh.



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It is the bikeway sign that has the "bicycles excepted" sign, not the "no left turn" sign. Burlington St. is a bikeway, except for bicycles.


What is intended (bicycles, but no other vehicles, may turn left) is not what the combination of signs, read as ordinary words and phrases, actually means.

The "bicycles excepted" sign should be below the "no left turn" sign.

You can't call these dunny lanes.  The correct real estate term is "valuable rear access".  


In NZ on the west coast while touring years ago I passed "Condon Road"  but it was signed posted as "Condon Road, No Exit"

They were night cart lanes to allow the "night cart" access to the buckets in the old dunnys. So "valuable rear access" does have a point but usually there would be no rear on the seat when the dunny bucket was removed.....

David, I believe in your first example that the signage is incorrect. The signs meet Australian Standards but I believe the placement does not. The 'no left turn' sign should be placed higher, so immediately underneath it the 'bicycles excepted' sign could be attached and displayed. This could then make more sense to road users.

The street name is clear, so I can direct DTEI to your photo when I make a report today.

No photo David - more of an opportunity for a silly sign.  On Sprigg Road back of Lofty, there's a 'Warning Concealed Driveway' sign.  A year or so ago, it was almost completely covered by a tree growing right next to it (which is a bit silly).  Each time I went past, I'd think of placing a sign in front - 'Warning Concealed Concealed Driveway Sign'.

Brian, you can report to authorities when signs are obstructed by foliage. This in itself constitutes a hazard.

not the same but on Linear Park Trail there is a 'blind corner' at an underpass. It's well signed, but the blind corner is further obscured by foliage. Most people will have the instinct to venture right, which of course is completely dangerous.

There's a good one in Tanunda, where there must be a severe problem with armed bandits: "Fortified Wine Store".  (Sorry, no photo.)

I think there is a sign on York Peninsula to Nowhere. Seached just now using Nearmap and found only Road to Nowhere, Belrose - Bal, NSW.

There are several roads in various parts of SA called "Nowhere Else Road", as well as a "Nowhere-Else", "Nowhere Else Well", "Nowhere Else Cottage" and "Nowhere Else Huts".  Check out Nature Maps (SA Govt.)


I wonder if these places are like those maps that have a big arrow saying "you are now here" but don't tell you where "here" is?  (Is it "now here" or "nowhere"?)

Now you don’t have to put up with “One size fits all.”


Because, we have….

For Australia's thinnest d***s.


(West Tce, Adelaide, not current.)




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