Does anyone have pictures of silly signs on or near roads.  They don't have to be cycling related.


Note: if poor or ambiguous signage presents a hazard or a potential conflict situation, please report it to the relevant authority.


Here are a couple of starters.

Bikes may not use the bikeway, and nothing may turn left.  (North East Rd, Walkerville)


30km/h is a little optimistic for a dunny lane.  (Rose Park)


Add your examples to the discussion, and let's all enjoy a laugh.



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Goodness gracious me a left hand side drive train! Bloody marvelous!!


ya got me :D yeah tandem, sorta.

there was a good one near the festival centre recently, said Cyclists Detour (or similar) and pointed up 2 or 3 flights of stairs.  if i ahd a camera i would have taken a pic and announced it as the adelaide city council's new cyclocross course

This has always been a favourite

This sign by ACC has to be in the top 5. You can ONLY have one ONLY!!

there's ONLY one path and there's NO lines on the path, so which one is it. Peds ONLY or Bikes ONLY?

If you're meant to share the path shouldn't it say SHARED PATH?


If only that were true……

If too many of these get sold, there won't be any room left on the roads for bikes, or anything else. 

[Getting in first: What is advertised is a sale of giant Jeeps, not a giant sale of Jeeps.]

Around Port Adelaide & Semaphore it seems anytime is only some of the time or is 9-5 anytime??

Apart from the fact that the sign should read something like "any day" it's not really that hard to work out..


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