Does anyone have pictures of silly signs on or near roads.  They don't have to be cycling related.


Note: if poor or ambiguous signage presents a hazard or a potential conflict situation, please report it to the relevant authority.


Here are a couple of starters.

Bikes may not use the bikeway, and nothing may turn left.  (North East Rd, Walkerville)


30km/h is a little optimistic for a dunny lane.  (Rose Park)


Add your examples to the discussion, and let's all enjoy a laugh.



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Pete, is there any point in using that bicycle path? I know of an even shorter bicycle path in Adelaide, on a route I use often. Best explained with a photo, soon.

This might not be quite the world's shortest bicycle lane but perhaps the most stupid, it has cars backing across it from the cafe and stops again just before the bus stop at Stirling before the freeway access roundabout.



The wind across that bridge is fierce, and gusty, at times.

That's Cheating ! But very good :)

A couple more "silly signs".


I thought this was Adelaide, not Amsterdam.

(South Rd, Thebarton)


Is the beer 1/2 price because it is open?

(Churchill Rd, Kilburn)


This one reminds me of a sign that used to be outside a fishmonger's premises along Goodwood Rd; "Fresh Oysters Open 7 Days".  How fresh, I wonder?

(Definition of an oyster: a boogie with a crash helmet.)

This is a bike lane except for bikes.  In other words, no-one may use this "bike lane".  ACC silliness.

David, will you contact ACC about the extra sign?




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