I realise asking the question 'should I get another bike' on this forum is like asking a hairdresser if I need a haircut - of course I do!

I've been lusting after this for sometime.

The full details are here: viventebikes

Is this a massive overkill?  My wants/needs are as follows:

  • I commute 15 km each way Monday-Friday.
  • I need something comfortable.
  • I need mudguards.
  • I need to carry panniers
  • I need a kickstand
  • I want disc brakes - this only has a front disc brake - what do people think?
  • I want puncture resistant tires.

This bike has a hub generator for the lights which is a real bonus too.

The only real stumbling block is my Minister for Finance.

Any thoughts?  Alternatives?


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Off topic, and people may have seen this, but still


so thats a weeks supply for you?

thats some tough tyre too

Old thread, but worth updating (at least I think so).

Today I bought a Vivente World Randoneur - Drop Bars and a couple of small panniers.  Apart from the test ride, I've only ridden it home so far.

I'm very happy!



Excellent.  Any pictures?

I hope it5 gives you years of enjoyable and trouble free riding

Simon, was that you on the MTB last night? I was the one admiring your bike, just after the Marion Road intersection (I assume it was probably you as there can't be too many of these around). Anyway, I have to say that the photos don't do it justice - it looked so much nicer in the flesh. The trekking bars looked great and probably make more sense, especially if you intend on touring. Nice choice.

Not me Graeme.  I had to take the car yesterday (Friday), unless you mean Thursday in which case - possibly!

I got the drop bars - more aero against the Southerly winds.  It's a really nice bike so far, although I'm having trouble getting my Brooks Saddle 'just right'.  I'm sure I'll get there!


Yes it was Thursday, but I'm pretty sure it had the trekking bars, so it must have been someone else. Regardless, it's a fine looking and eminently practical velocipede. Apparently Brooks saddles will end up 'just right' by themselves eventually, but only after months of pain. Good luck.

Oh - the Brooks Saddle has been transferred from my Cargo Bike and is quite broken in.  I just haven't got the position quite set.  Breaking it in wasn't too bad as most of my journeys are fairly short.


Did you end up buying the Vivente?
I'm looking at buying a new commuter/tourer very soon & just happened upon your old thread.
Im keen on getting something with a rohloff hub & carbon drive belt to cut down further on maintenance, so I hedging towards the Vivente Swabia.

Love to hear about your experience with this bike.
Cheers in advance,

Hozozco lives not far from me used to see him riding the cargo bike and the Vivente on Lonsdale Rd and the Veloway. I haven't seen him for a couple of months but the last time I saw him he was riding a very nice looking and fast e-bike. I saw on strava flybys he was riding it out to the Modbury Hospital. If you want to build up a bike I have an 8 speed Nexus 700c rear wheel for sale.


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