Short Term Bicycle Lockers at Adelaide Airport, are they currently available?

I saw a discussion about these facilities becoming available for Velo Adelaide providing short term secure storage sized to place a boxed bike in so that it is easier to turn up at the airport for departure and retrieve the box to be checked it. It can sometimes be difficult and/or expensive to arrange transport to the airport to include room for a Boxed bike so being able to drop it off the day before to keep in a locker overnight sounds appealing. I believe the cost was around $15 for 24 hours so it makes it economical to do!

Does anyone know if these facilities were actually implemented and if so if they are still available?

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Bike locker H 1755 x W 390 x D 850 mm. $16 for 24 hr. Believe choice of card or coin. Can you let me know? Are there any signs of max hire time? Located in the carparking area at ground level, close to the pedestrian crossing. Access any time of day.

Also undercover bike cage. Located to the east of the main entrance to the terminal building. In Aug-2014 I asked AAL again for wayfinding signs. In Aug-2014 access 0400 to 2300 hours & free. Changing to 24 hr & fee & Metrocard. Max 2 weeks use.

Steven, thank me for encouraging Adelaide Airport Limited to get SmartCarte to make a locker large enough for a packed bike. Of 11 major Australian airport terminals, only Adl and Darwin have lockers large enough for a packed bike. Although some airports have attended baggage storage, open about 19 hours per day.

Thanks Heather and thank you for the info. I will do a drive through reccy so I know where they are.  I checked the Adelaide Airport website and ended up at a blank page when trying to look at the baggage storage available. Makes it easy to drop the bike off the day before to be picked up early in the morning for an early check-in.

Try --> Parking --> Parking --> Bicycles

In Aug-2014 there were 2 bike-size lockers with 60% occupancy. AAL realise may be used to store luggage other than bikes. Have a back-up plan if lockers full, e.g. good locks to store bike in locked cage. AAL considering installing more bike lockers.

You understand the need for the resource. What airports are you using, so you can provide feedback? Best if you see the draft to know what info is still required.

I have put together
Draft Australian Air Travel for Cyclists
A. Introduction
B. Domestic Airport Facilities for Cyclists (Includes Domestic-International Shared Sites)
C. International Airport Facilities for Cyclists
D. Routes
E. Resources (Travel Resources & Resources by State)
F. Road Rules and Tips
G. Injured Cyclist
H. Advocacy
I. Legislation

Compiled 34 pages from searching web, emails, phone calls and cyclists. Waiting on interstate cyclists before releasing it (missing info and vetting).

Which airports are you using, so you can provide feedback also?

Just leaving Adelaide and will be leaving the bike at the destination so only a single use this time!  As usual, you are doing great work Heather, thank you from all those that will benefit from your considerable efforts!

But you must be flying to another airport.

Yes, London, Heathrow!

I went to services / baggage storage (as I was thinking store a box!) and it suggested looking at the FAQ at which lead to a blank page! I wasn't thinking I would park a box LOL

All makes sense now, thanks.

I did much web searching on airports and businesses because bicycle info not orderly or missing altogether.


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