On the ride home today, the carbon sole of one of my shoes separated from the leather upper.  I was going to take it to a cobbler and get it fixed but am a bit concerned how their glue may affect the carbon.

Has anyone had a shoe repaired before and do you have any tips orrecommendations?  Also did the shoes last after the repair?

Thanks for any assistance.

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Yes, did it myself. I used Liquid Nails, clamped it up for about 48 hrs. That was two years ago and still good.

Non issue. I glued some old running shoe soles to the bottom of my custom carbon road shoes when I was in Thailand a year ago. 

It added a bit of weight but not enough to stop me going sub 13 up Norton a few weeks back.

The cobbler opposite Coles in Grote Street has a good rep for out of the ordinary repairs.


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