I haven't been here for a long time but I wanted to get some advise!

In the past few years due to the addition of a small person to our household I have found that I spend much more time riding on shared use paths than I used to. 

Maybe I'm getting grumpy in my old age but I get really frustrated when you arrive at the lights moments before the cars get the green light but by the time the button registers you are there you miss out on a green light. If I was riding on the road (which I prefer not to do with small person on board) I would be able to sail across the intersection with the green light, but at the shared use crossing I'm stood seething until a full rotation of the lights has occurred. Sometimes I cross on the red cycle sign anyway (*gasp*). 

Is there any precedence that shared use lights could change automatically with the car signal (negating the need for a button) or at the very least recognise if a button is pushed if there is sufficient time for a bike to cross even after the green light for the cars has occurred? 
I don't understand why they install bike signals if they only match exactly the sequencing for pedestrians?

Is this worth questioning to ACC and or DPTI?

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Unfortunately, a lot also depends on the actual computer hardware (and programming) used in the on-site controllers (computers) for each traffic light installation.  How often/at what frequency does the system poll the individual inputs (e.g. buttons, induction loops)?  A slow CPU in the system (frequency in the low megHz rather than gigHz ranges) will slow down response times and polling frequency.  BTW, in general terms, in hostile environments such as traffic light controllers, faster is not better, as faster CPUs and peripheral chips are more prone to failure.  

(I believe Z80 CPU (8-bit) chips are still made for industrial process controllers.) 

Some early computerised traffic light controllers used 4-bit Texas Instruments CPU chips.  This limits the number of inputs to 16, which is why the Gepps Cross lights didn't have pedestrian crossings over all of the roads when the lights were first installed.  I dont'know why this hasn't been remedied even though they are probably no longer using 4-bit controllers.  It's a real PITA getting to the HJ restaurant (built long after the traffic light installation).

I was under the impression that all of Adelaide's metropolitan traffic lights are controlled from a central location, this was in Kent Town when I last looked some years ago.

It's in Norwood. You used to be able to visit and see the system in action.

It may come here by the time your small person is a very old person. 


Wow! How cool would that be.

Well Dave M. Do you reckon it could be coming to the lights in Adelaide soon?

Please make that complaint/suggestion! I've also been meaning for a while to suggest a similar improvement at another intersection (Cross Road / South Road intersection, i.e. Emerson overpass), for the same reason.


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