A local councillor, who receives the Adelaide BUG newsletter, asked a question.

I have had a query about shared use paths from a cyclist.
He thinks pedestrians move out of his way better when he rings his bell on coming up behind them if there is a central line marking as on the Marion part of the Coast Park, whereas Holdfast Bay generally does not mark the centre of the path. The cyclist presumes that, seeing the centre line, people can orient themselves more easily and move more quickly out of his way.
Do you, BUG or any other cyclists you know have any opinion on the merits of marking the centre of a shared use path?

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I bought an AirZound before the price became reasonable. The handlebar clamp broke. By the time I found a replacement clamp, the tubes had deteriorated. In the meantime I had learnt to shout.

On my bike handlebars, I was unable to manoeuvre the AirZound fitting so that I could depress the button, while keeping both hands on the handlebars. Might get round that if the brake and gear levers are not in the common combined unit. When I was in a real emergency, too busy steering and braking to sound the horn.

Easy to operate when a simple prob like a vehicle stopped in a bike lane. Then the AirZound could make the driver jump.

Yes, I ran out of real estate on the cockpit and everytime I went to use it, it was low on air pressure.

Agreed, in an emergency, there are a lot of other priorities.


Aah, yes, I bought one of them once but decided not to fit it, not much use if you're trying to be polite.

Another trick is to mount two bells of different pitch, one for each thumb. The two notes sounded close together can make like a bunch of bikes and do help to get the attention of vague pedestrians. No-one has sworn at me for using two bells so it seems to be a useful strategy.

I've got a Hornit. 2 x AAA batteries and the trigger can be mounted anywhere. Very loud. I save it for cars and avoid using it on pedestrians (except that time I escorted 2 Indypac riders along linear park), so I've got a bell and my voice too.

Only downside has been lately the batteries go flat very quickly, I suspect that's the boys in the warehouse playing with it though.

I remember reading an elderly bloke telling us that a ting-a-ling bell is much easier to hear than a single ding.  So we only use ting-a-ling bells.  They also sound more friendly.


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