Which Bicycle shop offers the best service and repairs?

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Where's The Bike Station?

Buy yourself a $40 bike tool kit from one of the online bike suppliers and do it yourself.  Its another side of cycling that you can enjoy.


Park tools has good tutorials for what you need to know or google will give you all the answers that you need.  The tool kit will pay for itself in not time at all.  

Agreed... DIY is the go.. Certainly for the basic servicing/repairs such as clean/lube, gear adjustment, cassette/chain replacement (cassette tool required - any maybe a "chain whip"). These are all fairly easily done yourself - not sure I'd tackle bearing replacements etc myself on my good bike but I have on older bikes and this sort of stuff is rare anyway...
I would want to do a proper servicing course first.
I am going to trial the new Giant Store in town, i know this will come to a shock to everybody.

Join in at our new Community Workshop opening next weekend in Long St Plympton. A place for community sharing and learning and you will get access to all the tools and knowledge you need to do most jobs yourself.


http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/group/bikecoop Join the group to be kept informed about the setting up and more.

I'll be in Perth.

90% of 'servicing' is just cleaning and most of that is the drive train components..  I've rarely had to use anything more than a screwdriver or allan key on any of the bikes I've had. The modern bike doesn't need stripping down every 5 minutes to polish ballbearings. I look at some of the services offered by various shop charging $100-300 for various stuff ranging from a clean & polish & 're-adjust' to a 'race tune', whatever that may be.

Anyone with half an ounce of mechanical knowledge can look after their bike.


I did the $80 day course at BikeSA and now I service my own bike. I recently got a complete tool kit from ebay for $40 too!! 

Although If I have to replace cables I'll take it to my local shop in Woodside :P

I've bought both of my bikes from Mike Turtur's at Medindie. Very friendly, helpful fellas who remember their customers by name.

I think the smaller shops are often best for servicing & repairs.  The person you deal with is often the owner and therefore has an interest in looking after you and more importantly you can often talk directly with the mechanics.  This way you can explain to them the exact problem or what you want done to the bike.  Too often with bigger shops you tell someone at the front desk and they either write it down or relay it to the mechanics and often something is lost in translation.

I use both BMCR in Waymouth St and Corsa Cycles in Gouger street.  Both have been good to me.

I'll second Corsa Cycle Centre. Best mechanics in Adelaide.


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