We have a new custom bike, made here in Adelaide. 

We asked the maker for " security marking" as a feature, but he didn't do anything about it, and we ( foolishly) let it go at that.

Now, when we asked our Insurer to add the new ( and expensive) bike to our policy, that insureer has (so far) refused to consider it without a " serial number". We explained the circumstances - that this builder makes a handful of bikes each decade ! - but that made no difference ...

So now I'd like to do two things :

1. find out how to retro-fit a serial number ( our SA Driver's Licence # will be fine ..). We know about engraving ...I'd prefer a metal stamp if possible.... AND 

2. who will accept the bike for insurance ?  

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Buy some cheap stamps and do it yourself:

Ebay example link

Thanks Jilden .... We'd need to be careful of a sc@m tho as that's  " ...Hardened Steal 3mm.." ...

Yes, I did snigger a bit. A local tool discount shop may have something suitable too, and you can take them back if they are no good. I've had my set of stamps for 30 years, good quality and used every week back when I was busy at work.

Well - I've got a stamp that says "925" if that'd help? And a hammer...

Grace, I'm sure that if you asked at any large metal fabrication shop they'd have a set of number/letter die stamps you could use. Good ones are expensive I believe. I'd stamp the number on the flat face of the side stand mount which I recall is on your left chain stay. It would be covered with the stand in place but it would maybe save your paint retouching being obvious as it would be if the numbers were anywhere else (ie; under the BB, on the head tube, chain stay etc). Actually a stamp on the rear dropout would probably also be OK too. Sam

I have a full number AND alphabet in stamps if you are desperate. Western suburbs.


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