I bought a Serfas Raider taillight less than 8 months ago and up till now, I have been really impressed with it. As bright as any light I have seen, an easily charged via USB.

But on Sunday, I went to charge it but no joy. totally dead. After a very good looking at, I decided that there was no way of opening it without destroying it, so destroy it I did.

To my dismay the internal circuit board was totally corroded due to water damage. Now I don't ride in the rain if I can help it ( some may call me soft, but I say sensible !) and the only way water would have got into this light was during the quick spray of water when I wash the bike ( I don't remove the light when I do this ). I even taped up the charging port to keep the rubber seal in place. I would have thought that due to the nature of the product and the environment it was designed to be used in ie. all forms of weather including rain, that the circuit card would have been better protected with conformal coat (a type of sealing varnish to protect delicate components from the elements). The seals are obviously not up to the task as well.

I paid $60 for this light (with a gift card ) and I am pissed off now that I have to buy a replacement. Has anyone else had/got one of these lights and if so, what do you think of it. I have a Cateye TL-1100 rear light that that has served me well on the bike too. maybe I should have just stuck with that.

Anyone recommend a good rear light that is USB rechargeable. 

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Nite Flux make my fav rear lights. USB rechargeable and Ive ridden them in Thai monsoons many a time.

First and most obvious question.

Why would you destroy something that is under warranty and not take it back to your place of purchase?

Why then would you get pissed off about paying for something that you destroyed when it 95% chance would have been swapped under warranty? Serfas have one of the best reps in the industry who I have worked with for 8 years. If everything you said was true it would be a no brainer.

Not every product will last for ever. Shit happens and this one didnt make it. Hundreds of serfas lights sold and maybe 5 sent back. Best lights on the market IMHO for everyday use.

I bought the light overseas so couldn't take it back. why would you think I would tell lies about something. yes, shit does happen but I would have still expected it to last a bit longer or be a bit better constructed. I wish I had read all the poor reviews about some serfas products before I purchased, but as you say, shit happens so I live and learn.

Thanks to everyone else for the alternative light recommendations

Never mentioned lies. Just asked questions. 

I too had a Serfas rear light rust out on me about 6 months.  I commute by bike every day so it certainly saw a lot of water, but would have expected more.

The Cygolite hotshot has served me well and the flash is quite customisable in order to eek out the battery life.

yep they are great! A+ from me, bright and stand out, and last ages for battery life


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