Separated bike lane on Railway Terrace in Edwardstown

Just rode the newly installed stretch and really am wondering what they were thinking when they designed this.

The entry and exit end bits are hard to see and very very narrow, with a fat concrete separator in the middle between them, but also forcing a weird angle of entry.

This is potentially dangerous if approached at speed. It's also actively hostile towards anybody riding a cargo bike, trike, recumbent or with a trailer.

The lane also doesn't give you any easy means to enter or exit it, due to the raised separators. Meaning should you have missed the entry, you're now forced riding a long stretch on the road or lift your bike over.

Finally it's marked as bikes only, but that doesn't stop walkers and dog walkers using it. Since the lane is narrow and the separators keep you inside, it's more difficult to go around someone in that case.

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Thanks for that perspective! I'll keep it in mind.

Well here is a nice development... they have added some extra bitumen at that sharp turn near the roundabout, to make it a much less sharp turn, as can be seen in the photo below. It was in the original plans, so I am guessing this web page had nothing to do with making the change happen, but still it is appreciated.

It might seem a small thing, but when I ride through it makes quite a difference. It will make that section of path a little safer and a little faster, which should mean more cyclists will use it.

Andrew from Marion BUG has gone through Councillor Raelene Telfer to have some of the problems looked at in the last week with Council staff.  Advice is that two of the worst entrance/exit points are to be widened.  Regular riders of the route can keep us updated on how effective the changes.

Good job!

I'm embarrassed to say I did not know there was a Marion BUG.

The other main issue I raised - the awkward entrance just south of Delaine Ave, heading south - has also been improved. It's not as important a fix as the T junction near the roundabout (above), but it's still nice to know that someone is passing on feedback, and it is being listened to.

I'll add, cyclist usage of the bikeway has gone up in the last few months, in my observation. Initially it was common for cyclists to use the road instead, perhaps I was seeing about 50-70% usage. Now it is close to 100%; I really only see cyclists on the road when they are exiting the bikeway to overtake other cyclists, or exiting early to do a turnoff.


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