A friend of mine has asked if there are restrictions relating to what you can and cannot secure your bike to in the city. Apart from the obvious (fire hydrants etc.) and not cycling within the city, I couldn't think of any. I realise some parking stations have either free or paid parking arrangements but what about free parking out on the street?

Apologies if the question has been asked before.

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Any old pole seems to be the go. Some fences around the uni sometimes have a sign saying no bike parking? Well they did 10 years ago when I was at uni. If I was them I would park in a nice open area with lots of foot traffic, securing my bike with 2 locks.

Tell them to give the pole a shake. No point securing to it if it's easy to lift out of the ground. Ditto if it is low enough to lift bike and lock over the top. 

EDIT: If they need advice on how to lock it the expert is here


Probably not a good idea to use this pole:

Wow! That looks great - where is it?

I can true the wheels, oil the chain and donate it for down hill bomming - but, no brakes, hmm...

She'll be right mate!  *wobble* *wobble* *creak* *creak*

I spotted this one whist on holiday in Melbourne last year. 

It looked like it needed a little bit of Love :(

There was a move some years ago by Adelaide City Council to fine cyclists that locked their bikes to trees and or street furniture in Rundle Mall, haven't heard of anybody getting fined but theres probably a Bye Law (AVO can spellcheck that) that prohibits such dastardly acts.

It was a long time ago that I heard about the ACC cracking down on bikes parked in Rundle Mall. They had a problem with the fines as they could not identify the owner of the bikes - hard to issue an infringement notice (maybe we should have rego plates on bikes?). The way the ACC got around this was to add their own bike lock to the locked up bike so when the owner came back they couldn't unlock it.  A note on the ACC lock said to call the ACC or go to the Council Offices to pay a fee to get the bike unlocked!

ACC does have by-laws vetoing locking of bicycles to street furniture. Years ago the by-laws did not differentiate between street furniture and bicycle parking rails :) but changed now. ACC also has by-laws vetoing locking of A-frame advertising signs to street furniture and bicycle parking rails. I have not seen any of the latter recently but if you see it, please report to ACC.


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