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After talking to a few people it seems that something is missing from the bicycle conversation to the north of the city. Yes - a Salisbury BUG! Not only is there no BUG, there's no Salisbury Council Bike Plan! A draft plan was drawn up and then 'shelved' in 2014, apparently when Council decided it needed an overall Transport Plan instead! So it seems that for at least the last 4 years there has been no process for setting cycling investment goals when the annual Salisbury Council budget process starts (around August each year!) It's a fair guess that development of a utility cycling network is Salisbury  is not really going anywhere!

So... clearly Salisbury needs a community BUG to ginger things along a bit. How about you folk who live in or around or cycle in the area start talking things up a bit? Here's a place where you can get a conversation going: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1298754560259474/

I've started it but, living at Semaphore (and being part of the PortBUG) I'm very happy to hand admin over to others (I presume that's possible...). There's a great deal that could easily be accomplished out Salisbury way and that needs doing! Paving of the extensive existing dirt trails (particularly those that'll join up with the Gawler Greenway), linking things up better, signage, fixing underpasses that flood with each heavy rain or high tide (someone ran over a mullet the other day!) and so on...

There's already one person who has signed up - goodonya Cameron. Who else is up for it? 

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Savvas, any person reading your post can view AC forum, and probably already an AC member.
I am unable to read your Facebook link because I do not use Facebook.
Wonder why not an AC webpage.

Just haven't got around to it Heather - not enough hours in the day! The point about f/b of course is 'connectivity' and 'distribution' or sharing of information. Adelaide's bicycle users need to figure out how they can best act in unison to Government starts to take more notice. IMHO we need to make best use of all the opportunities we have to achieve this. I've come to understand how popular f/b really is - it seems like an opportunity too useful to neglect! Sam.

I'd add that the idea of a f/b group like the one we are referring to is likely to be somewhat different to the function that a page here at AC might perform. I'm thinking that a specific bicycle user f/b group is most likely to be used by people sharing a quite specific focus and set of interests to do with their local cycling environment. I'm thinking that AC is perhaps about 'bigger conversations'. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. But I look at some of the f/b group pages I've become interested in like 'Rosetta Street Greening' and the 'Croydon Patch' (mainly because they reflect locales along the Outer Harbor Greenway) and it's obvious that the conversations there are about a specific set of interests to do with a local area. I realise that such conversations could happen at AC, but I think f/b is specifically attuned to the mobile device - which is what most people seem to use to access the internet. There's a quite specific nexus of function and circumstances here which I reckon bicycle advocacy should be exploring and trying to understand a bit better!

OK - this SalisburyBUG facebook group is now up to 14 members - clearly there's considerable interest in bicycle use across the Salisbury Area! Still just a 'virtual BUG' of course but it's a great start.

If you cycle in, around or through the Salisbury Council area and are maybe interested in seeing conditions for bicycle use improve, consider signing on and contributing... and maybe taking the virtual group to the next step - creating an organised BUG campaign...


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