Safety tip: don't carry a shopping bag on the handlebars

After many thousands of highly-alert and safely-ridden kms in 2011, I was on a relaxed 3km jaunt from Middleton to the Flying Fish Cafe at Port Elliott last Friday, with a backpack on my back, and a green shopping bag (with towel, hat etc) draped over the handlebars.

The shopping bag was definitely a BAD idea. 

The bag swung a bit (either in the wind or around a corner) and without any warning, decided to lodge itself between my front spokes (wedging in-between the rim and the brake pads I found out later). 

In less time than you can say "WTF?" the front wheel stopped dead. I did a graceful somersault over the bars and kissed the bitumen surface of Scrymgour Rd ( I think that's where it was) at about 20-25km/h.  I wish someone had a video camera on it.

After I recovered consciousness, I was very grateful to my partner, her friend, and the other unknown cyclists and neighbours who stopped to help - also the ambulance guys, nurses and at-call Doctor at the South Coast Hospital last Friday.  Sorry I was pretty groggy for several hours and I don't know who everyone was, but if any of you read this; thanks very much for everything.  It was reassuring having you fussing over me, even if I didn't show my appreciation at the time.

The helmet was unscathed - it doesn't protect your face!  I have two slightly chipped vertebrae, dozens of abrasions, sprained thumb, two burst finger-tops (weird injury!) bruised knee, a really vivid purple shiner over my right eye, and a 3-cm wide gouge out of my chin that will require stitches tomorrow.


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Silly bugga - you're mistake was not the shopping bag, but having something in it.

Bummer about the injuries, hope you recover and it doesn't make too much of a mess of your holiday (being an official invalid now, you can really lap up the care and compassion).

I think it might be a bit larger than a dimple; but whatever size the scar is, I wish I had a better story to account for it!

Ouch Shane....I remember a while back another Adelaide cyclist attempted the shopping bag through front wheel for a rapid dismount off the bicycle trick....may you heal well....not a good start for 2012 :( Hopefully will improve for you

burst finger tops!! my eyes are watering.

such a small thing as a shopping bag to ruin a day. 

Crikey Shane ! rest up and recover

I forgot to mention the loose front tooth and the cuts inside and outside my mouth.

I haven't been back to check, but I'm told there is a large bloodstain in the middle of Scrymgour Rd (from my chin). The shorts and T-shirt I was wearing that day look like they belong in a murder evidence bag! 

I'm not sure whether I'll still be able to do the TDU.   The main problem (for cycling) is my hands and fingers - although I do have to get the front wheel straightened, too.

Very generous of you Patrick - thanks, but I think I will be able to get it trued at the LBS.

in the circumstances, no photo is required.

I thought not, too.   Not fit for publication. :-(

Ouch! Bad shopping bag! Hope you aren't too uncomfortable and get that vid soon ;-p

Oops and ouch!

Glad you mostly survived Shane.

I'm sure you are not the first person to pull that stunt, infact a quick search through the discussions show Clive did it when he was eight, and there have been other similar instances written about them too (fingers crossed that hyperlinks work) by Kathryn and Barron.


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