Sad news in the media today with the news a cyclist was killed at Lewiston. He was hit by a 17yr old driver who has been charged with dangerous driving.

Any accident on our roads were someone loses a life is terrible but when it involves a cyclists it is especially bad. I'm sure every member of this community joins me in sending our condolences to the cyclists family.

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While every death is one death too many we can look back to 1960's and 70's when 12 cyclists a year were killed on South Australias roads over a 10 year period. One year there were 19 deaths.

Cyclists should continue to campaign for better conditions for cyclists wich will include lower speed limits, better cycle areas on road or off and increased legal protection for cyclists.

Safety in numbers does work and the more people who cycle daily the safer it will become and the more government will be moved to spend on cycling facilities.
Very sad for the cyclists family, friends and fans. I don't know if the driver was driving badly, but based on the charges, I guess it is fair to assume he was.

I cycle all over Adelaide, through all speed zones, and often hear how we need to reduce the speed limit of cars to make it safer for cyclists. Have to say, I generally feel safer tapping along the Salisbury Highway or Port Wakefield Rd than I do in zones where cars may be travelling the same speed, or slower, than me! Even the Victor Harbour Road seems safer to me!!
While I am not aware of the circumstances of all road cyclist deaths and injuries the recent events seem to have been dominantly on rural highways our outer urban areas. Clearly a wide highway with a well formed cycle lane to the side should be safe but once the road narrows speed reduction must be part of the equation.
Did this make the news?
Im struggling to find it on google search.

Can someone post a link if there is one?
not sure about you guys, but I always carry some form of id with me just in case. Includes Bike SA membership card , couple of my business cards, and my mobile with an ICE number programmed in.

tempted tho to buy one of the RoadID bands promoted by Levi Leipheimer.


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