Anyone been following this story about Porter St.

A PLAN to prioritise bikes over cars on a popular Unley cycling route will go ahead despite fears it will spur “irresponsible” riding.

Councillors voted at a meeting this month to switch give way signs to give priority to cyclists at three intersections on the Rugby/Porter St bikeway, as well as to redesign the Edmund Ave roundabout, as part of a $180,000 upgrade.

The changes are designed to improve cycling safety by giving riders priority on the route, which runs between Unley and Cross roads and is used by 700 people a day.

At the meeting, Parkside resident Andrea Harran and some Unley councillors argued switching right-of-way would encourage cyclists to speed through the intersections, endangering themselves, motorists and pedestrians.

Mrs Harran told councillors that cyclists already ignored give way signs and rode “way too fast” through the Porter St/Young St intersection.

Regardless of the crap that was written about ignoring signs and irresponsible riding this sounds great. the more bikes that use designed path the less riders that need to be fighting heavy traffic on the main roads.

and normally I avoid reading the comments on those stories but here's 2 of the less dumb ones.

And they(cyclists) travel so fast - some of them get up to 30 kmh! That is a dangerous speed. 

and in response to:A PLAN to prioritise bikes over cars on a popular Unley cycling route will go ahead despite fears it will spur “irresponsible” riding.

Does prioritising cars over bikes spur irresponsible driving?

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Hurrah! Rugby St has always been a farce of a bikeway even when it was the only bike way. Council seemed to think that putting crossings over the footpath was all that was needed to qualify with no other cycling advantages  and some advantages (lack of priority). I use Duthy St St instead although Rugby St is a much pleasant ride.

Good to hear the council is getting serious.

I don't use Rugby St but find Cambridge Tce better for crossing Fisher and Wattle streets than Duthy because of the roundabouts. Admittedly I don't ride them in commuting times. The Porter/Young St intersection could just need some speed humps to manage traffic speeds, a bit of a redesign would get rid of the need for stop signs that most cyclists ignore anyway.

I believe they are putting in a raised platform similar to the one on Rundle st

What a laugh. A sub 100 kg cyclist travelling at 30 km/h is fast and dangerous.
What about a 1 tonne vehicle travelling at 60 km/h?

There are some pretty silly arguments, but I think there is one valid concern: that cyclists will charge through the Young / Porter Street intersection without giving way to pedestrians.

As I've said here previously, I think the proposed redesign of the Young/Porter street intersection is poorly thought out. There's no point giving Porter Street cyclists priority over Young Street traffic, if they've got to slow down and give way to pedestrians anyway.

p.s. By my count it's 4 intersections (not 3) which will now prioritise the bikeway: Porter/Young, Rugby/Maud, Rugby/Oxford and Rugby/Marlborough. The 3 on Rugby street are all sensible changes, and I can't see any good reason for objecting to them.

The ridiculous part of the uneducated comments is that the priority hasn't been changed for safety, although that is part of it, or because cyclists don't stop there (I know they do, I stop there all the time), it has been changed because the Unley Council has designated rugby/porter as a bike route and their policy is to priorities cycling on bike routes.

Other treatments at the Rugby/Young intersection include a raised section that will require vehicles travelling on Young st to slow down. And the arguments about not being able to see cyclists coming along Rugby st are ridiculous because there will be a stop sign. Any drivers obeying the rules will have no problems. And to be honest, I've never seen the traffic along there that bad that you wouldn't have to stop for very long.

And finally... the priority of the road has been changed. Any motor vehicles travelling along Rugby st will enjoy the same uninterrupted journey. It makes sense to change the priority if there are more vehicles (bikes+motor vehicles) using it than any of the intersecting streets.

Does anyone else get the feeling that the bike way changes are really designed to stop "rat runners" but the council doesn't want to admit that?

That is definitely not the case, otherwise UCC would have changed the roads around Parkside Primary School by now.

Sounds like they should..


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