Today I was riding to work at 8am along Montacute Road Rostrevor when I came across a car parked in the bike lane with the driver inside. As I came up from behind I stretched out my left arm with my open palm facing up to just gesture this is our lane. I was not making a rude gesture at all and at this stage I hadn't said anything. At this started to yell abuse at me, so when I passed I said and I quote "it's a bike lane". This lead to him using the "F" word and going mental. I stopped and got out my mobile to take a photo but this made speed off before I could take it. When will these people learn?

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I wasn't wearing my Spartacus shirt, I'll have to remember for next time.
A friend of mine lived in Holland for a while and cyclists there have bumper stickers that say "I park in bike lanes" which they stick on the duco of cars parked in bike lanes.
Would putting stickers on vehicles be legal in Australia?
Be very Careful when doing stuff along those lines. You should 'probably' never try to take a photo of someone who is in that mind set. Mainly due to them wearing a ton of armour. When people are angry they don't think straight.
True but I was standing on the footpath when I got my phone out and could easily get out of the way. As for anyone getting out of their car and threatening me I am 6ft 1 and 120kg. I'm not a violent person but my size makes most people think twice about taking me on.

good on you Mark! Possibly got the response that one would expect, but glad you gave it a shot.

On bikes we take up the smallest bit of road and it is pretty rich when someone blocks the fragile bit of territory temporarily lent to cyclists (most bike lanes are for 7-9 am or 4-6pm).

I don't bother pointing out bike lanes anymore. Years ago I thumped on a rear window of a 4WD that overtook, cut me off and double parked in front of me and blocking the bike lane on the Parade. I got it out my system but ultimately, when I calmed down, felt like a total dickhead (no change from usual!).

Bike lane blockers are a pain in the arse, but they will always exist when bike lanes are made to "share" the road.

Soldier on!




When you sit on them! I'd pull them out of the car and hold them down for you just to see that :-)
for some reason people go with the bigger vehicle makes all the rules "rule".
"Never argue with an idiot, that just makes 2 idiots." I just want a bumper on a knock around bike to bump into cars not giving right of way. If they really want to get hit I'll give them what they want.
I wouldn't take you on Mark, just your avatar pic scares me :) lol
Avatar Pic? I haven't seen that.


as in this definition meaning your pic attached to each message not a blue man from another planet :) lol


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