So I am in the mood for trying out a longer ride and Gawler seems like a good destination because it means I and my bike can take a train back home afterwards!

Is it a crazy idea to ride from the CBD to Gawler? Has anyone done this before and has a few tips on the route for me? I have looked it up on Cycle Instead, but it's hard to tell which roads are safe for cycling or not just from looking at a map.

Any hints are appreciated. Thank you!

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Another rider has some photos and will write in.  It would be timely to have anther person (at least) with supporting photos if you have any Jilden to add to the reports on problems with the path.

Sadly I didn't take pictures, was 'in the groove' and wanted to keep up the pace for a bit. Anyway, I can't see there being anyone on the bike path design team that is competent with drainage, seeing how long the Port Wakefield underpasses have been dodgy. The third underpass being reconstructed next to the Port Expressway interchange is another sub sea level jobbie that has always been a problem. The only way to fix these is to construct sumps with drain pumps so that they can be emptied ASAP after storms. At the bare minimum a set of drain flaps to let bulk water out but not in.

To this day I remember how the shiny new Dry Creek underpass looked like a bath tub after the first decent rain. The "fix" was to connect it to the tidal creek and let it flood with salt water twice daily. Pathetic, really. There isn't even a pedestrian operated crossing and bypass track at the Globe Derby lights nearby. Heading east you can only hope that your treadlie triggers the lights as there are no inductive loop lines visible. Then you have a scant few seconds to cross to the muddy verge before traffic flows along the main road again. At least at Bolivar on the Little Para trail you can cross at the nearby lights and muddle about on the highway verge.

Got around to trying the new paths today, nothing was flooded at the moment (don't quote this after the weekend) and overall it seems fairly decent.

There's no way around having to double-cross at the Wakefield/Bolivar intersection that I somehow missed, is there?

There is the possibility of taking to the Main North Road verge northwards from the Little Para underpass up to the Bolivar Rd junction, should save one main road crossing. Other than that, no, the builders didn't think that cyclists deserve a direct route like motorists.

After the flooding of the newly opened section, planned work concerning storm water direction was quickly completed, so that issue should be solved.

As for the winding around at Bolivar, it sucks that a direct route wasn't planned for and built during construction stage.  It will be a hard slog to try and retro-fit a route now.


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