So I am in the mood for trying out a longer ride and Gawler seems like a good destination because it means I and my bike can take a train back home afterwards!

Is it a crazy idea to ride from the CBD to Gawler? Has anyone done this before and has a few tips on the route for me? I have looked it up on Cycle Instead, but it's hard to tell which roads are safe for cycling or not just from looking at a map.

Any hints are appreciated. Thank you!

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You'll enjoy the eastern route in that case, plenty of unsealed track along the easement and further north, and gravel on Bentley Rd.

If you look on maps, you'll find the powerline easement starts on Shandon Ct becoming Blackburn Rd and a couple of fragments of Adams Rd before it becomes a proper road after Yorktown Rd with rideable tracks sometimes running alongside. It would make a great cycle route with some $ spent on it. It's a pity that the Bentley Rd route is discontinuous after you pass the edge of suburbia, some creeks have clearly cut off the surveyed route and not been repaired since Main North Rd became the major route. Otherwise you could have ridden all the way to Potts Rd in Gawler! Many years ago I portaged my MTB through one of those creeks, a 2m sheer drop on each side made for a bit of adventure. It's mostly shut off from the public now.


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