What are your thoughts on roundabouts for Norton Summit Rd intersections? 

Changes are proposed where Norton Summit Rd meets Glen Stuart Rd and Magill Rd.

Details at (starts pg 25) http://www.campbelltown.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/minutesAgendas/...

Magill Rd/Norton Summit Rd intersection

Consultants provided option of a painted median strip or roundabout, recommending the roundabout as the best long-term option. See attached picture for design.

Council are recommending a formalised roundabout for this intersection.

Does this accommodate cyclists? Issues, concerns, recommendations?

Glen Stuart Rd/Norton Summit Rd

Consultants are recommending small improvements with the intersection remaining largely as it is. See attached picture

Council staff prefer a roundabout at this intersection. They highlight issues they would need to overcome. It is unclear what they will progress.

Does this accommodate cyclists? Issues, concerns, recommendations? Would you support a roundabout here?

BISA will follow up with council to discuss these intersections and cycling access more broadly for new residents moving to the new, BIG, development.

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Seems Campbelltown Council staff want:

Since then, Staff have had a discussion with DPTI in regard to changing the road priority to make traffic travelling along Norton Summit Road give way to traffic turning left or right from Glen Stuart Road. However, DPTI do not support changing the priority from an arterial road to a Council side road. Norton Summit Road is a major cycling route with cyclists having priority over side road traffic which DPTI would want to maintain. Although the response is not favourable, a DPTI representative still indicated that Council can write to Traffic Operation should Council still wish to pursue. Staff have been following up this course of action.

Not a good look for Campbelltown Council with respect to a cycling agenda.

If engineers could find the room, the treatment of the intersection of Tolley Rd and Grand Junction Rd, Hope Valley could have merit. Down Norton Summit Rd gets its own lane and right turns from Glen Stuart Rd would get a middle lane.

When the new housing development is completed something is going to be needed there, weekdays at 0800 would be a time to avoid Norton’s summit IMHO.

That presumes everyone will drive everywhere. I thought the idea of infill was to encourage people to use other transport modes and yet I think you will be right. I also plan to ask council how they are supporting people who move into the area to ride to the local shops and schools. Presumably some will have kids going to the school on Magill Rd? What a nightmare if they drive there!

thanks for responses and ideas. I will email council today and arrange a meeting to discuss.

Agree a cyclist bypass heading up hill would assist.

Re Glen Stuart - maybe they should wait and see how the intersection operates before making changes. Will discuss light downhill traffic at this intersection with council also.

Ross - agree it isn't a good look for council. Especially as in their comments they mention that a roundabout at Glen Stuart wouldn't be suitable for riders and yet still seem to have it as their preferred option. The council has made no investment in cycling infrastructure since I have lived here and yet have money to throw at 2 roundabouts apparently.

Jilden - only prob with the roundabout with downhill lane is riders would still have to merge on the uphill, while travelling reasonably slowly because of the incline. Not my favourite thing to do.

Katie, the Tolley Rd example I suggested has no roundabout, just a slip lane for left turning traffic. The gradient is similar to the Norton Summit situation.

Google Street View Link

Australia tends towards cyclist-unfriendly roundabouts, rather than using a style popular in The Netherlands. Cyclist and transport planner Fay Patterson of BISA has reported on this.


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