Seems there is a call for vehicular road lanes to be "pop up bike lanes" .. or something like that.

Due to Corvid-19

I sure have noticed an up tick in cyclist numbers!

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Just don't read the typical comments on the adelaidenow article mentioning pop up bike lanes!

Ross, thanks for the links, which I have added to the pending BUG Enews.

And an interesting follow up article:

"When residents of Europe's major cities finally emerge from weeks of lockdowns later this month, they'll be met with at least one enduring change from the pandemic: miles and miles of new bike lanes."

Wish our leaders could be so forward thinking.

At least one ACC Councillor is getting some publicity on it

Some related links:

Covid-19: Huge drop in traffic in Europe
Published by European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) on 7-Apr-2020

Covid-19: Cities adapting road infrastructure and speed limits to enable safer cycling and walking
Published by European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) on 20-Apr-2020

Boom time for bikes as virus changes lifestyles
By Roger Harrabin
Published by BBC on 7-May-2020

How coronavirus is driving a revolution in UK travel
By Justin Rowlatt
Published by BBC on 17-May-2020

Australia is facing a 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' as cycling booms, advocates say
By David Mark
Published by ABC News on 17-May-2020

A pending webinar that appears related to the AC discussion.

Webinar: How walking and cycling is changing across Australia
Date: Thursday 28-May-2020
Time: 1pm--2pm AEST
Location: Online webinar
AITPM members: Free
Non-members: $20
Registrations close: Wednesday 27-May-2020
More info:
AITPM = Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management Ltd


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