A few years back we got a dog, a smallish, cuteish, curly haired thing. Being part of the family we take it most places with us, including camping trips. We also like riding our bikes, so I bought a basket and put it on my pannier rack and put the dog in so she could come riding with us. Problem was, she wasnt that keen, and tried to jump out a few times (resulting in dog hanging from harness, dangerously close to rear wheel). So we gave up and I'd run/walk the dog and the rest of the family would ride, or the pooch would just stay at home.

Recently we got another dog, another smallish, cuteish, curly haired thing. That definitely ruled out pooch-cycling.....until I discovered dog-specific bike trailers!

$150 later and some on-line shopping site I'd never heard of delivered a nice red pooch-cart, with zip-up front, rear and top mesh panels and a solid floor. It's surprisingly good quality for $150. The full covering means that the dogs can't get out and the mesh panels all round means they get plenty of fresh air. There is also a ring to tie their lead/harness to, just to be 100% sure they don't escape.

So this weekend, we hooked up the trailer to my commuter and headed into the Adelaide Parklands. Initially the dogs weren't too keen, but when they finally got out and had a run through the parklands, I think they are now hooked on trailer travel!

I doubt we'll take them on rides if there is nowhere for them to get out and have a run en-route, or if the paths are particularly bumpy, but it does give us another option for "family" bike rides.

This is what it looks like


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Tell you what, I was looking for a cheap option to get the shopping home and that might do the job.

Yep it'd do that pretty well. Getting around corners is fun! You also get a front wheel and handle for the back so you can push it around like a 3 wheel pram

Would it fit a doberman?

I think its a 40kg weight limit - my 11 yo son fits OK! A doberman would probably need to stick his/her head out of the top!

Get a bigger trailer to harness to the Doberman and it tow you.

I think you should just get a wicker basket out front. It'd suit you.
I used to love mt. biking with dogs, both leathed to me for the ride to the trails and off leash once we were in the forest and away from traffic. Heaps of fun to be able to keep up with them. Never seen a sad dog on the mt. bike trails....


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