Hi, my name is Andrew, long time watcher, rarely posts a discussion!

My primary purpose for putting something on the discussion board today was to say, simply,


If there was a better day for a spin around Adelaide and in the hills I find it hard to remember! It doesn't take long for Adelaide weather to move from chilly to pure gold! Chapeau to all the folks who kept going through the winter and welcome back those coming out of hibernation!

My ride started at Moana and worked through McLaren Vale to McLaren Flat and Blewitt Springs and as usual, riding with at least one other person seems to put off the maggies! So my thanks to John Thorp for accompanying me today and suggesting the Moritz Road loop as an alternative to St Johns Terrace!

Agree? Got a pic? Post it up if you want!

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Was also perfect for a run. Just a quick pootle from the city to the bay :)

And for Norwood to win the SANFL

3 in a row makes it Dynasty! Now just need the Swans to get up next week and my football year is complete :-)

And yeah great day for a ride- really jealous watching people ride around, from my car while I ferried my little girls to the usual round of kids birthday parties

A pretty spiffing day to put a decent number of kays under the wheels indeed. My best day out since the winter wogs abated.

Norwood who?

Your killing me wattsy.. the weather is teasing me.. it's all I kept saying all weekend, yet here I sit arm in sling, like a child grounded for misbehaving. Even suggested to the wife a ride on the SOB cos I'd only need one hand.. that wasn't one of my best comments for the weekend...

Corey, a few times I have suggested to ACC that its bike hire scheme include an adult tricycle.
(River Torrens Linear Park shared path is near hire nodes.)
-- More inclusive of people with a permanent disability
-- Enable a person with disability to try before buying their own
-- Enable an injured cyclist to socialise with cycling friends for a coffee

So many lines to use!

I'll spare them all!


I have sold three adult trikes in the last 18months (Not sure how many the store in that time) and saw all three of them going past us in the parklands within 30mins of each other on Sunday.

The day was a beauty all right.  I rode to the footy, had to go out to the eastern bike bars before I could find one of the few spots remaining.  Combine obvious lock-ups with nearby path and stop vehicles from using one little road ...

A mid-afternoon escape today to venture through Belair NP, over into Sturt Valley and up Heather Rd was pretty pleasant too.


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