Where have you been riding in the hills that is ok to access now following the bushfires?  We want to go up and support local businesses but not get in the way of the recovery.

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The SA Govt has established a new emergency relief fund to help people directly affected by the devastating Cudlee Creek bushfire.
Details on how to donate at www.premier.sa.gov.au/news/media-releases/news/new-bushfire-relief-...
There are other funds but before donating, please check credentials. Ensure any links are genuine and not fakes by scammers. 

The interstate WIRES for animal rescue suggests the local SA Fauna Rescue.
Do you have any hints on donating to wildlife rescue?

I know people with properties in the Adelaide Hills. Consequently over the last few weeks I have been checking the CFS website frequently.
Since the awful fire started at Cudlee Creek on 20-Dec, there have been resistant fires or outbreaks as perhaps a smouldering tree flared up. As the testing cool change came through on 30-Dec-2019, I emailed that around Cudlee Creek 5 continuing fires and about 53 other fires flared and extinguished.

Before cycling in the Adelaide Hills, please check several websites:
— BOM for weather www.bom.gov.au/sa/forecasts/adelaide.shtml?ref=hdr
— CFS for incidents including fires www.cfs.sa.gov.au/site/home.jsp
— SAPOL for fire alerts www.police.sa.gov.au/sa-police-news-assets/front-page-news/sa-polic...
The official advice is not to rely on just one info source.

The Adelaide Hills Council website at www.ahc.sa.gov.au/contact-us states:
“[Service] hours subject to change depending on the conditions caused by the Cudlee Creek fire incident.”

Today I phoned the council and, as expected, they could not recommend cycling routes at the moment.
Some buildings were burnt along Main Road in Woodside and I was wondering about the TDU.
The men’s race, Stage 2 on 22-Jan-2020 is currently scheduled to start from Woodside.
The council said the Main Road and businesses are open, although the area is blackened.

Before attending TDU events, suggest checking websites of BOM, CFS and SAPOL, plus TDU at tourdownunder.com.au/race/mens/stages

Nothing wrong with riding in areas that are outside of the fire area, so the western, northern and southern Hills are currently fine. The Amy Gillett Trail is likely to be blocked in a few places by fallen trees, the clearance of which are going to be a low priority. Main roads through the fire zone should be OK so long as it's not a high fire risk day. Anyone thinking of riding in the fire zone roughly bounded by Cudlee Creek, Birdwood and Nairne should consult the latest conditions on the CFS website. Coffee shops within town boundaries would likely be grateful for the custom but best check that they are open first.

And now a fire is burning between Kersbrook and Mt Pleasant in the Mt Crawford Forest area. Not looking good at this stage. Anyone wishing to cycle through the hills district needs to be sensible about it.

Tour Down Under to provide boost for Adelaide Hills communities hit by Cudlee Creek bushfire
By Matt Coleman and Daniel Keane
ABC Radio Adelaide
Posted by ABC News on 7-Jan-2020
(an extract)
Two stages of the women's and men's races will go through towns hit by the Cudlee Creek bushfire.
The Adelaide Hills Council is clearing trees and repairing roads.
The Mayor said the race would significantly help the region's bushfire recovery.
Urgent efforts are underway to ensure several stages of the Tour Down Under (TDU) cycling race are safe for riders, and to encourage spectators to line the bushfire-hit routes involved.
"We will ensure that those trees that are dangerous are looked after and dealt with.”
There was a possibility of "last-minute changes" to race routes because of weather conditions, or elevated fire danger, while race organisers have also committed to ensuring "the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved".

ABC Appeals - Bushfire Recovery Relief
Lists 23 at this link about.abc.net.au/appeal
More info at www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-01/bushfire-relief:-how-you-can-help-fr...


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