I was heading out like many others today for a spectacular morning ride unfortunately the mood was soured a bit when I spotted two ambulances loading someone on a spinal board into the back of one of the vans. As I passed I saw a bike peanut unmanned against the fence. It was on the corner of Hawker St and Park tce. Hopefully it won't be another tragic headline. Three cyclist killed in three weeks it too many already! Take care out thee everyone!

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(leaning against the fence rather) apologies again for the crap predictive text
Bad news. It was just reported on News Radio traffic as a serious accident but didn't mention a cyclist. It sounded very serious from the way it was being reported.

There was also reports of a cyclist collision on King William St but I am not sure what part of King William.
It must have been around 0930-1000 this morning. 

I don't like these headings so I read other discussions first.

At http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/group/lookforcyclists/forum/topics/... I have added a link to this discussion. The purpose of AC group Look For Cyclists is to collate info that one day might be used for cycling advocacy.

Samuel, what are you referring to of 3 cyclists killed in 3 weeks? Something to add to Look For Cyclists?

Unfortunately that is what I was referring to. John Cornish killed beach rd Vic 25th July I believe. Carly Hibberd 6th July in Italy. Narelle Dobinson 1st august Willowbank Qld so it's a little more than three weeks but it also adds to a heavy toll over the last couple of months. I hope the info is useful
Not all in sa obviously but the cycling community has become so connected over the last few years hearing of events like these even overseas still hit home pretty hard

I have not been adding non SA incidents, but at your suggestion will add serious incidents involving Australian cyclists that we learn about.

Can you tell me about Narelle and Willowbank?

I know a guy from work got hit this morning and broke his wrist but not sure of any more details


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