Hello AC Family,

We the start of the Ride4Repat Tour starts on Monday as 20 cyclists head out to MT Gambier and return to support & fundraise for this special cause for veterans rehabilitation.

There were a lot of media commitments today, so there will be a article in the Saturdays Advertiser with the team, and also on Channel 9 News on Sunday night there will be an exclusive interview with one of the riders and a plug for the ride.

I will also be doing a diary blog of our six day adventure at www.cyclingaj@wordpress.com



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Good luck to you all! Is anyone Tweeting? You can also upload photos from your phones directly to AC. There is a unique email address at the bottom of My Page Setting you need to send it to.

And you forgot to mention the most important thing. People can donate at your EverydayHero page. I have.

Will keep an eye on yr blog Reidy. Know you and Mathew will do it proud.

Wouldn't it be great if even a minority of the AC 'family' were to donate a couple of bucks to Reidy and his ride. I know he will not be impressed with my post but for those that do not know, Reidy is a "Returned Veteran'. He served his Country in a number of Overseas theatres including Irag and Afghanistan. He was also injured serving his Country and is receiving treatment through the 'Repat'. Our ride (which is totally self funded by each rider) is to raise funds for both the Repat Hospital and the Repat Hospice.   So maybe you might like to think of our Countries Veterans, not only on ANZAC Day but now.  I am sure you all know of a Veteran who one day maybe like Reidy, will require treatment at this marvellous Hospital. It is easy to donate, here is the site. Just donate to Mark Reid, I know he will appreciate that (if not me) :)


Thanks Derek, and thanks to all our AC Family for getting behind us!!!!

@Barry i will be at GW tomorrow morning

You know the pleasure is all mine Mate.

 I hear a rumour that there will be a R4R 'collection tin' at tomorrow's wheelers ride :)

Was trying to get people to sponsor Chewbacca a buck a kilometre but after they heard about the Melbourne to Adelaide trip didnt get any takers.....guess they were worried about the number of loops Chewbacca could achieve in seven days :)

Hmmmm, R4R collection tin, now i wonder where that rumour came from?? =D

Wow, the Gawler Wheeler group are a generous bunch of people! Well, that was a good idea bringing the donation tin along, although i felt a bit strange walking around with my tin..all worked out good in the end!

"Cha-ching($$$)!" =D

Check out page 29 of Saturday's advertiser. Great coverage of Ride4Repat.

Pity they didnt put the everydayhero details so people could donate... (just in case you're interested www.everydayhero.com.au/event/ride4repat )

I Must also say that despite how the article reads, there have been an amazing GROUP of people organising the event. At risk of forgetting someone's contribution... Derek Hasel, Ray Morris, Peter Allcroft, Vicki and David Birks, Lee Tripodi, Sal Coltman, Helen Kerrison, Rebecca Goodman, Mark Reidy etc etc etc....

I am very very grateful (and humbled) by their hard work and dedication to this event. THANKS :-)


great work reidy will look forward to joining you all at tailem bend for the last stage home.

They have just shown an interview with Reidy on the CH9 news.

Good Luck with the ride guys.

Yep. It was good coverage too !  

Can't wait to read your daily blog !


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