RLC has opened for registrations for 2013. Just visit the website for all the details.

It's good to see that the rumoured changes to the route and start/finish location didn't eventuate.

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Brilliant they have nailed the top this year as well.

+1 love it

Was still only quite new to cycling last year and didn't think I was up to doing the TDU and RLC so close together. Not missing this ride this time around! From all reports it is much better run than TDU so can't wait.

Yep its a great ride Trent. I'm trying to avoid comparisons to other sportifs (not-new-year resolution) but RLC fits the bill for me. Nice place to start and finish, a great route, well marshalled and supported and my entry fee is going to support a good cause. There had been whispers that they might change the start/finish to the Police Academy out at Outer Harbour and personally I am glad they didn't.

They did send out a questionaire about this start finish proposal but it was unpopular idea as not good to run large eventsvlike these through dozens of intersections causing disruptions and making motorists angry :)

You won't regret it Trent, absolutely fantastic.

my favourite annual January ride .. easy decision

I'm riding and registered and unlike the TDU I'm confident the jersey will fit.

It's really nice to have all the cops on motorbikes and at junctions giving priority to cyclists and the volunteer groups at the refreshment stations give a really good community feel to the day.

Can't argue all of the comments about how well run this ride is. The food, drink & massages available at Unley oval afterward were sensational.

love  the RLC what agreat way to start TDU WEEK ,it is so well runand the course is superb,fruit cake as well

It's amazing how far this event has come in only a few years, and the way it has grown has been great to see. Looking forward to riding this one again! 

I'm riding from Woodside.


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