Just wondering if anyone is up for, or already organises, a group ride for retro or vintage bicycles around Adelaide?

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Well people wont want to ride there vintage machines in the rain or mud, Nor are many geared for hills unless you come from the men of steel days. I suggest a short ride on a good day ,Glenelg to outer harbour and back?, with a focus on social and of course bike talk.

Brett, that is my style of ride on my old bikes. 

Although an occasional ride around McLaren Vale might be a nice alternative, preferably in spring and autumn.
As a model for discussion, the monthly Rose Bowl Ride is what I am looking for. 

This is exactly the sort of ride I would 

be keen on!

Huh? Any 10+ speed from the 70s or later has gearing to get up a hill. Don't take it too easy, lol.  Ride to Glenelg and back sounds good though, what route were you thinking?

Well some of my old racing ones only have 13/18 rear 5 speed cassette , not zooming up hills on that one without compacts lol, some may also have old pista track bikes , early racers were only 3 speed etc but Both hills and flat rides would be good, not interested in competitive cycling, plenty of those rides everywhere.

Those old bikes road through the hills just fine back in the day. It wasn't that long ago there wasn't the plethora of choice to blur the lines between reality,needs and must have. Nearly all of my hills PBs are on my 80s steel, non compact no power meter road bike! Contador and Froome would be appalled!

im not looking to do anythign too involved or have a set ride, with a meetup group ive done the events are varied and semi-reuglar so if one doesnt suit people will skip and do the next one.  i think some people would prefer this as an alternative to some of the more structured ride groups. 

eg  have a ride once or twice a month on a weekend - vary the ride times eg morning/afternoon and locations, have one in the city, north/northeast and south, repeat rides that are popular

eg, go to a cafe ie elder park, have a show and shine then nick off down linear park

That's what I've been thinking too. 

Anyway, tomorrow's gonna be a bit wet, but I'll still head out to the hills around Lofty in the afternoon when it should dry up. Anyone wants to join, contact me by my number in the PM I sent out.

Otherwise, next week?

To qualify for this ride you have to score at least 5 points in this quiz!

Old School Cyclist

Dang it I'm stuffed then :-(

I think it's more important to know the difference between Dunlop, Presta and Schrader.  Then again, who cares!  Shut up and ride.

Wrong order for valve types: should be bike valves, car valves, and frog s**t valves.


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