Just wondering if anyone is up for, or already organises, a group ride for retro or vintage bicycles around Adelaide?

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Theres also the annual Tweed  Ride usually held in October (I think). Attracts about 200 riders on a wide range of vintage, retro, reproduction, penny farthings, cargo, tandem and anything else including mountain bikes, fixies road bikes etc. The theme is wear Tweed. Starts about Mid Day on a Sunday at the town hall, a slow ride around the streets culminating in BYO picnic at a mystery destination in the parklands where prizes are awarded for best bike, best dressed male, female, child etc. The picnic is usually followed by a mad dash to the Wheatsheaf in Thebarton. Really good fun and an opportunity to involve your family in your passion for cycling.

Probably a good opportunity to network with cyclists who might be interested in doing something in line with your interest.

Thanks, yeah I did the Tweed Ride City>Prospect during the TDU, which was fun. What I'm planning will be more informal I think. 

Add me too please, I'm restoring an 80s Koga-Miyata and will need somewhere to ride it soon.

Sounds good! PM sent

I have a 1948 Spearman lightweight racing style bike with three speed derailleur gears (I also took it to the Prospect Touriffic event) and a 1983 Gios Torino Professional with 12 speeds.

My current project is a 1946 Hobbs of Barbican which will be initially set up as a single speed fixed, as it was built as an English time trial bike. It may get a 3 speed derailleur. 

All are period correct. And yes I use toe clips and straps.

I often take my old bikes out, on fine Sundays, for a ride. Generally a flat 60 km ride averaging around 28-30 kph, and include a stop at La Mussette at Glenelg.

Retro bikes took many forms, just like the range of current bikes.

My bikes are not suited to steep hills with their period correct gearing, and poor braking. I wouldn't take them on dirt roads due to the increased risk of damage. Nor would I wish to turn them into frankenbikes as happened recently in the Erocia ride in California to get up the hills and cope with the dirt roads. 

So what bikes do you have and what rides are you thinking of?


... although there are some delightful photos of you suffering like a dog up Blockers Rd! I went up there yesterday, and I swear it gets steeper each time!

If you left Blockers out of the equation (ie. ride down Mawson Rd from Forest Range), I think the rest of the H'Eroica route is quite do-able on "larger" gears. I'd be more worried about the puncture resistance (and sidewalls) of skinny tyres.

I plan on rebuilding my frankenbike with its Sturmey Archer rear hub, with a two or three speed freewheel and a friction shifting rear derailleur. That will be my H'Erocia Special. The quality old bikes are too valuable to risk on dirt. The Hobbs, the Spearman and the Gios Torino

Ok everyone I got a bunch of emails (and wrote back to a few, no replies as yet but that could my not understanding the messaging system or something, my apologies if so). 

Anyway it seems weekends are best, with a slight preference for sunday it seems. Roughly half want to ride flat, and half are ok with hills. 

So how about we split it up into two sundays. This sunday morning-ish for a hills ride? I'm thinking city to crafers to norton summit and back to city, which is about 40 or 45k. And it might rain, so let me know if its sounds too epic (or apocalyptic for leather saddles) and we can re-plan. 

And please let me hear your suggestions for a flat ride - I'm still kind of new to Adelaide and have been mainly riding through the hills so far.

Given that this Sunday is Mothers day I would have to give it a miss this week. But happy to do basically any other Sunday!

Same. Mothers day is a no go for me as well.

Ur mum's welcome to come along! ;) 

I havent finished building her new bike let alone a retro job.


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