Just wondering if anyone is up for, or already organises, a group ride for retro or vintage bicycles around Adelaide?

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Brett, if you join the current one I could talk to Daniel who set it up and ask if he would be interested relinquishing it and letting someone else take it on. You could change the name too.

Or a new one is absolutly fine too.

There is a group on Adelaide Cyclists called Acciaio Brio (formerly Le Club Lug), vintage and steel bicycles. There is activity in the group online. We used to go for a ride every couple of months but as time went on and people got busy and rain stopped play on a couple, it waned. Join the group and suggest a new ride. Maybe not even just suggest, but pick a date and time.

Big Block, Daniel, David, Adam, Tim etc are all into it but need some motivation.

H'eroica does nod at Italy's L'eroica vintage ride. We'll do it again in September/ October.

Thanks for info Gus, I'll join the group

I might be able to be coerced into something a little more casual with a beer at the end of it.  I only have one gear, 48-18 with 37-590 Michelins, so it will be casual.  The alternative is 44-18 with 37-642's (and stuff all brakes) which is slightly slower and coasts more than it hurriedly stops.

Where did you get your Michelin 37-590's (=26x1 3/8")?  What tread pattern?  (I used to run a Michelin V-block on the rear, and an Olympic longtitudinal tread on the front.  Excellent combination for dirt, wet bitumen with high speed descents (think Upper Sturt Rd) etc.)

These are Michelin World Tour gumwalls with the reflective stripe.  As of today Clarkes will only have 2 left on the rack.  He also has Vee Rubber versions that aren't anywhere as good.

Tread Image

Brilliant ride, albeit not as sporty as some of the more modern tyres.  The combination of steel rim and wider tyre definitely trumps 23-622's for ride and handling, especially in the wet.  36 spoke 3x pattern makes the wheels pretty strong too.

I got the last two gum-wall Michelin ones today (24/4), but he still has some white-wall ones.

The tyres on my BSA wear out; those on my wife's bike crack by lapse of time.  (Both pairs 37-590.)

When I get my daughter's bike blasted and painted I'm expecting her 25-540 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres to wear out with her travels.  Her current bike is just over 3 years since purchase and it's almost at 2,000km.

Me, I'll be happy to wear out the World Tours.  I spoke to Kevin regarding sourcing world tours in 37-590.  Apparently the Shimano wholesaler is the Michelin rep and is only interested in importing the 622's and sod the rest of us.

Apollo was doing a good job as the Michelin distributor until Shimano Australia took over, promising the world. Their current inventory for all Michelin product is ZERO so I don't think they will have it for much longer.

Shimano Australia don't even stock Shimano products any more you cant expect them to stock someone elses!

Not wrong there, but Shimano just don't care about their customers here.

Thanks for all the responses everyone :) Seems promising. I'll add you all as friends on this forum and then message to get a sense of what times and kind of rides will suit. 


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