Just wondering if anyone is up for, or already organises, a group ride for retro or vintage bicycles around Adelaide?

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FYI my bikes aren't especially vintage though, more 80s retro :)

There is the H'Eroica which is held around September / October of the year - a quick 'n dirty search found some photos on AC.


One doesn't need to ride a vintage machine but that is the general idea...

Thanks Ross I'll keep that in mind for later in the year. 

Am wondering about smaller, more casual get togethers too though, anyone?

I would be interested in joing in on a casual "retro" r


Nice! I'll send you a PM.

i might be interested in something casual

I'd be keen, although my bikes are mostly mutant conglomerations of bits and pieces from the 80s to the present. Period incorrect is my approach to bike building I guess

Period incorrect works for me! I've got a couple of bikes with a mix of parts, though I tried to keep it to the same decade ish. 

Have yet to do a proper restoration, but I'm interested. 

I am interested in this too. I have organised a few social, casual rides around the city with friends. However, I am always the one rounding people up as they are not as "bikey" as me. I need to expand my invitees.

FYI: My bike isn't vintage, but it looks the part. It's probably too shiny to be vintage.

Count me in as well.

I may be keen I have over 20 bikes, I am thinking of creating another Vintage steel group.

Vintage steel is where its at. I'll join :)


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