Just wondering if anyone is up for, or already organises, a group ride for retro or vintage bicycles around Adelaide?

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score of 13.

Q13: I make rivets to go on leather saddles, which I recover. Today I made a wood master so I can mould a new leather cover for a Brooks B12. Surely that is worth a bonus point

Any luck scheduling an event? i'd be keen to join

Did anything come of this? Is there a secret club that's not visible?

I don't think anything came of it Daniele. But like you, I like riding the old stuff and I have a mate that does to. We semi regularly get out for a spin, usually mid week. Feel free to contact me if you feel like tagging along at some stage.

H'Eroica is scheduled for 02 October, and we are planning to have a vintage bike show'n'shine and speculating about a swap meet. So ride up or drive up, admire the bikes, eat a pizza, and drink some wine!



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