If you're parking around the Central Market / Victoria Sq please make sure you remove your Front Lights.

The "less fortunate locals" will take your lights as it is quicker and cheaper than buying fresh batteries for their torches.

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In Sep-2019 I shared a meal with cyclists near Central Market. Our bikes were parked in a side street off Gouger St.

A warning that previously someone had their bike light stolen. That evening one of our group also had a light stolen. I had a spare light, so rode with him to the Adelaide Railway Station where he caught a train.

I did not ask for the light details – attachment type, brand, value, battery size and type.

For emergencies I carry a back-up light – small, incorporates an attachment strap, labelled ‘Carbon Neutral Adelaide’, and compliments of ACC at a Ride2Work breakfast.

I'm sorry that happened to you. I always take my lights with me when parking away from home, even in the secure bike shed at my work. They are just too easy for someone else to remove.

I agree about always removing my lights, which I did religiously for the last 3 years until I forgot once as I stepped into a shop for 1 min. 


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