I went on a group ride on Sunday and it was my first chain ride, at least I think thats what it's called. Suffice to say that we were in a group moving together with the lead cyclist constantly changing. We were told at the beginning of the ride that if the lead riders of the group enter a junction with traffic lights green then the rest should follow even if the lights change to amber and red. It was also suggested that this practise is perfectly legal. I have strong doubts about the practise and legality.


I'd be interested to know what other newby group riders felt about this and any general comment justifying or decrying this type of ride.


Incidently there was a very near crash at one set of traffic lights when a rider at the front of the inside line braked suddenly when the lights changed and the following rider veered into the path of the outside line.

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It was the Korean National team that are in town at the moment wasn't it?!
Not to mention this sets a bad example for any children that happen to be nearby, especially since I lot of the younger ones I have noticed like bikes.
true and I am not advocating others to do similarly, but on corners where you know you will wait for ages for nothing the silly (legal) alternative is to get off your bike, walk it on the footpath and then get on again around the corner (ala Mr Bean). Motorbikes can't really do this. I think the law needs amending to make it easier to make cycling a viable alterntive to the car.
I raised the issue of red light left turns and priority green lights for cyclists on major intersections with Patrick Conlon two years ago at the BISA AGM. He made a comment along the lines of most cyclists will ride through reds in the eastern subs on a Sunday morning when theres no traffic but would'nt comment on the left turn issue. I still think that if BISA, BSA & CSA lobbied together we might see some advances in this area.
Peter, what could possibly justify ignoring a red light and turning left when you feel like it? Seriously - can you not wait the 30 or so seconds it takes for your (legal) turn?!? I've been a motorist going through on green and have had cyclists like you (maybe it was you?) sneak around left at the intersection while I was going through - its actually frightening to suddenly have a cyclist moving into a space where they shouldn't be on your left, exactly when you trust they're not going to - because you trust they obey the law. The cyclist may have cleverly snuck around and avoided being hit by me, but that's not the point. It infuriated me no end.
There's lot of infuriating bunch behaviour going on at the moment. My pet peeve particularly addressed to the well known Tuesday night bunches going down Grange Rd:

If you're riding in a bunch in the tail end of peak hour, howabouts you just join the end of the queue at the traffic lights. The main benefit to this is you actually stay as a bunch - Instead of single-filing it up to the front of the queue, only to cross the intersection and have the front riders sitting up and waiting for the people at the back to re-form the bunch, while they all look over their shoulders and wander all over the road waiting for the back markers to catch up - that's if the guys at the back actually make it through the lights, that is. You're all higgldly piggldy, most un-euro!
Simply reason why cyclists don't do this Gemma. With Adelaides stuck in the 50's rapid light changes the cyclists wouldn't get through by the time the lights changed. And if they are behind those cars then they are probably also in front of another lot of cars, who would get more peeved if they couldn't get through due to slow cyclists. Actually in "euro" the lights have a green patch IN FRONT OF THE CARS at the lights to allow them to go through first as a bunch.
We're talking organised large bunch rides, not riders who just have happened to form a small bunch while commuting.

The correct thing to do is to pull up as a bunch (and pull your fingers out when getting through the intersection).
I have or will have contacted the person(s) directly
I have raised the issue with the group leader, I have not mentioned the name of the group and have explained why in earlier posts. Might I suggest that you delete you're own posts as I see no neccesity to name any group in such a discussion unless such group opts to ignore the concensus and the law.
I NEVER do it when there is traffic coming, and as I said if I ride on the footpath then how am I in a motorists way. I am on the footpath! So you can't get infuriated at me.
I get infuriated with cyclists that come belting off the footpath and scare the bejeesus out of me. They might as well have run the red on the lefty! It'd be my fault if they overshot and I hit them because I drive a 4WD with a bullbar!! (The enemy within!)

I personally don't think there's any point in changing the road rules for cyclists because the average motorist wouldn't pick up on it and they would then think we were breaking even more road rules. The motorists who did pick up on the changes would then get more annoyed with us for getting special treatment. Cyclists might also be lulled into a false sense of security. I will refrain from adding comment on politicians, but only because I'm new ;-)


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